Our Steel Building Company – Global Steel Buildings Canada

Thank you for considering Global Steel Buildings as the solution to your Pre-engineered steel building needs. We are a team of professionals ensuring that you are provided with the best quality building available in the market today at the lowest possible price. Our team is responsible for selling and shipping over 1,500 steel buildings throughout Canada and the Territories.

We have provided Steel Buildings across Canada


Why Should You Buy From Us?

  1. We will not use the “Left Over” or “Clear-Out Buildings” sales pitch – This is false advertising. Canadian Building Code can change every 5 miles anywhere in Canada. Therefore “Clear-out Buildings”or “Left over Buildings” will not meet code.
  2. We will not push you into an unrealistic time frame for buying a building. There is a sales protocol we follow and we will not break the process.
  3. We will not supply a building that does not meet all Canadian Building Codes.
  4. We will not ask for more than 25% deposit on buildings shipped domestically.
  5. We will not make any delivery promises that are not clearly outlined on our contracts.
  6. We will not sell a building unless a full set of preliminary engineered drawings are accepted by the customer.
  7. If our representatives do not follow the protocol outlined above then we do not deserve your business!

Company President and Founder, Jim Busch and his team have over 35 years experience providing commercial, industrial and agricultural quality pre-engineered steel buildings. Canadians respond by buying our buildings as our professionally trained service specialists provide consistently efficient support on any Canadian project.

We directly represent the factory which means we control all stages of the quoting, design and manufacturing process including engineering that ensures your buildings will last a lifetime. Engineer Stamped Drawings are always provided as a part of your building package.

Keep in mind that the true measure of any steel building company is proven by how it performs after the initial purchase of your building. Our team is dedicated to customer service and making your building project the satisfying experience it should be. We look forward to working with you to help you get what you need.

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