At Global Steel Buildings Canada we offer quality and cost effective steel building accessories to complete your project.  Our steel building accessories selection has simplified the process of choosing components for your steel or metal building.  Customize your building as you see fit.  Choose from our wide selection of overhead and man doors, trim, insulation, windows, snow  protection, skylights, solar panels and exterior finishes.  Your building, your choice.

We provide one stop shopping for all of your building needs and customer satisfaction is our guarantee.

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Sectional Overhead Doors

When you are building a new structure or even redoing an existing one, it is important that any entry way in the building suits your purpose. For commercial overhead doors there are two types to choose from.  You could choose roll up or sectional.  Each has their pros and cons.

How much traffic do you expect?  This will help you decide the type of door you require.  Heavy traffic?   A sectional door may best suit your needs.  Roll up doors are great for vehicular traffic.

Sectional overhead doors are great additions to garages and warehouse buildings. They come in a variety of styles and colours, and can be customized to your unique application.

Roll-up Doors

Roll-up doors come in a variety of styles and colours, and can be customized to your unique application.

Benefits of Roll Up Doors

  • Roll up doors are nearly impossible to break into.  They are a solid built and highly secure door.  They are a reliable accessory to protect your belongings.
  • The foam within the roll up door offers great insulation.  This will keep both heat and cool air inside thereby reducing overall operating expenses.
  • The insulation will also reduce external noise.  If you have a busy manufacturing operation you can keep the sound in or out.
  • Roll up doors are durable.  They can withstand daily ear and tear.
  • Rust resistant and able to withstand extreme weather, they are a great choice for the long run.
steel building walk doors

Walk Doors

Walk doors can be customized to your unique application. Choose the finish and colour to suit your needs.  Our steel building accessories includes walk doors, insulated or non insulated.  Door packages include weatherstrip, trim kit, leaf, frame, hinges, and threshold. Door and frame are reversible for left or right-hand operation.

wind-rated walk doors

Wind Rated Walk Doors

Walk doors can be customized to your unique application. Choose the finish and colour to suit your needs.  Commercial steel doors are the best in the industry.  They are likely to outlast wood by ten years.  Wind Rating to approximately 125 mph. + / – 50 psf.  Our door kits are shipped complete and ready to install.

fire-rated walk doors

Fire Rated Walk Doors

Walk doors can be customized to your unique application. Choose the finish and colour to suit your needs.  Galvanized and insulated, these doors are built to last.  Ready to install, no additional framing or material is needed.  Fire-rated doors can help slow or prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

steel building store front doors

Store Front and Office Doors

Store front and office doors can come with insulated tempered glass. Choose the finish and colour to suit your needs.  We have many options to customize  your build.  Storefront doors are critical to forming customer first impressions in the retail environment.  Secure your business with store front and office doors to finish your exterior and interior spaces.

steel building windows


Steel Building Accessories – Windows

A variety of window styles and types are available to complete your steel building, providing natural light and additional ventilation.  We can design the building to accept large glass curtainwall spans to bring abundant light into the building.  Since we use maximum sized windows, our commercial steel buildings make use of natural light thus reducing your electricity bill.

steel buildings cupolas

Cupolas and Weathervanes

Cupolas will provide ventilation and also add a distinctive touch. Couple it with a weather-vane to make it personal.  Our steel building accessories including cupolas are available in a variety of colors combinations.   A cupola is a relatively small, most often dome-like, tall structure on top of a building. Often used to provide a lookout or to admit light and air, it usually crowns a larger roof or dome.Steel Building Accessories

metal building snow guards

Steel Building Accessories:  Snow Protection

While steel roofs are durable and easily maintained, snow and ice will slide off the building.  However, the sliding snow can damage property.  We offer polycarbonate, metal, non-penetrating clamp to seam or deck mount membrane bar snow retention systems for your building project.   Snow guards are installed in rows on the roof.  By having several rows of barriers the snow and ice can’t damage vehicles, property, equipment or people.

steel building insulation


A complete line of insulation products including complete systems to meet your buildings requirements.  Insulating your metal building is especially important as it will prevent moisture buildup and condensation.  Secondly insulation will ensure your interior temperature is controlled and reduce your energy costs by losing cold or warm air.  Metal building insulation is installed over the framing to cause continuous coverage instead of panel coverage like in traditional building materials.  Insulation can also reduce exterior noise.

There are many options for insulating your building project.  The team at Global Steel Buildings Canada will work with you to design and complete a building that meets your specifications and budget requirements.

metal building ridge vents

Ridge Vents

Ventilation is important in your steel building to protect against condensation.  At Global Steel Buildings Canada we offer standard and low profile ridge vent designs, ensuring your building has the best ventilation options available.  Amount of ridge vents used will depend on the size of your building.  One ten foot ridge vent will serve 2400 square feet.  Of course the ventilation needs also are dependent on the buildings purpose.  A farm building will require a different level of ventilation then a storage warehouse.  Our expert team can assist you with tailoring any accessory to your buildings need and function.