Agricultural Steel Buildings

The Trusted Agricultural Buildings for Dependable Farm Equipment Storage

Many farmers invest in pre-engineered steel agricultural buildings instead of traditional wooden structures. These steel farm buildings are incredibly durable and can be easily insulated to protect livestock from extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, they offer ample space for storing equipment and products, keeping everything safe and secure indoors. As with any pre-engineered building, steel farm buildings can be customized to meet the specific needs of your farm, making them a wise and practical investment for any farmer looking to upgrade their facilities.

Your steel farm building can be designed with wide openings to accommodate bi-fold  and hydraulic doors, allowing  the largest possible agricultural equipment to drive in for storage and protection.

Benefits of  Steel Agricultural Buildings

  • Designed for Canadian Building Codes
  • Traditional and custom designs are available
  • Mould and termite proof – no wood is used in our building
  • Low maintenance and the best warranty available in Canada
  • The construction process is faster and more straightforward than building with alternative materials

Agricultural Buildings You Can Rely on For Years To Come

Our  steel farm buildings  provide  Canada’s most economical and long-lasting  building option . Our steel farm buildings come with a warranty that is second to none: a 40-year warranty on the colour steel wall sheeting and trim, a 25-year rust perforation warranty on the Galvalume steel roof sheeting and a LIFETIME warranty on the stainless steel fasteners.

At Global Steel Buildings Canada, we understand that farmers are business people and need to maximize their investment. Our  steel agricultural buildings can be designed with wide openings to work with bi-fold and hydraulic doors to allow the largest possible agricultural equipment to drive in for storage and protection.

All of our agricultural buildings are engineered to withstand the extremes of the Canadian climate—we can design for  any province or territory. Our designers are Canadian and live in Canada  and know what it takes to  create an agricultural building for our climate .

Our agricultural buildings are simple to erect and are maintenance-free. Contact us so one of our designers can engineer the agricultural building you need today.

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Global Agricultural Buildings are superior to wood pole barns – learn why!

You need a resilient agricultural building that will stand the test of time. This is what makes the choice between steel farm buildings and wood pole barns pivotal.

Beyond construction methods, it’s about securing a lasting investment. Whether it’s the roof, fasteners, panels, paint, or structural components, steel farm buildings outperform their wood counterparts and ensure lasting value for your agricultural business.

This comparison chart goes into more detail about steel farm buildings versus wood pole barns.


Steel Farm Buildings

Our steel farm buildings consist of maintenance-free AZ55 Galvalume®. AZ55,  consists of 55% aluminum, 44% zinc and 1% silicon.

This also allows the steel mill to give a 25-year rust-through warranty on perforation. If a hole develops in a panel, the steel mill will replace it.

Wood Pole Barns

Wood pole barns, typically offer  a 15-year guarantee on the roof sheeting.  Wood Pole Barn buildings only use sheeting with a zinc coating that will eventually  oxidize, fade, and then rust.


Global Steel Buildings

Our capped fasteners are stainless steel. They won’t rust and include a lifetime warranty. It is very important that the fasteners be compatible with the AZ55 or AZ50 because the steel mill will not warranty the wood pole barn roof if they’re incompatible.

Wood Pole Barns

Wood Pole Barn buildings typically use fasteners with an alloy head that will tarnish, turning dark gray or black. The roof of the wood pole barn loses its lustre and beauty.

Roof Panels

Global Steel Buildings

Our agricultural buildings include roof panels that are made of steel consisting of an 80-yield, 26 gauge AZ55 Galvalume.

Our  steel farm buildings have a 1½” depth in our corrugation in the sheeting. Our extra depth of corrugation adds strength to the roof.

The sheeting on the roof of our agricultural buildings has a depth of 1½” in the corrugation. The depth adds strength to the roof.

Our panels overlap (called a reversed “L”) prevents water from backing up through the overlap into  our steel farm buildings.

Wood Pole Barns

Wood pole barn buildings typically only use 29 gauge steel on the roof, which is lighter than 26 gauge steel, and only a 5/8″ depth of corrugation that does not provide the extra strength our Global Ag building has.

Some pole barn kit manufacturersuse an ‘R’ panel roof, which means, the sheeting only overlaps one-third of the way into the corrugation. This doesn’t prevent leakage as well as our factory’s reverse ‘L’ design because the water will back up into the pole building.


Global Steel Buildings

The paint used on our steel farm buildings P has a 40-year warranty against chipping, cracking, peeling and blistering. It is a baked-on polyester paint so  the  steel farm building maintains its colour and beauty over time.

Wood Pole Barns

Wood pole building manufacturers typically only warranty the roof for 10, 15 or 20 years.

Purlins and Girts

Global Agricultural Buildings

Our steel farm buildings’ purlins and girts are superior 16 gauge zinc-galvanized.

Wood Pole Barns

Wood pole building manufacturers typically use wood purlins and girts, which will bow or bend, causing screws to loosen, sheets to flap, and leaks to occur within the pole barn.


Global Agricultural Buildings

Our  steel farm buildings consist of a rigid frame, plate steel and H+beam construction. Since no wood is used in our building – no warping will occur, there’s no risk of fire or termites, AND insurance premiums will be less expensive than for wood pole barn kits.

Our steel farm buildings  have a 40-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on all structural components.

Our steel farm buildings’ truss does not need a cord going across, which means there is completely unobstructed space within. Birds cannot perch and defecate on the equipment and machinery inside the wood pole barn,  saving you  on maintenance costs.

Wood Pole Barns

Wood pole buildings manufactured with wooden frames will eventually warp over time. They can also become a fire hazard and target for termites and other insects – raising the costs of insurance. Wood pole buildings are more expensive to insure.

Wood pole building manufacturers typically require a cord spanning across the truss width, causing tremendous loss of space. This creates a perch for birds – potentially damaging your machinery and equipment.

Steel Farm Building Case Study: Great Northern Grain Terminals

Embarking on a pivotal expansion, Great Northern Grain Terminals in Western Canada faced the challenge of finding a resilient solution. Teaming up with Global Steel Buildings Canada, the company chose prefabricated steel agricultural buildings to meet their growing needs efficiently.


Great Northern Grain Terminals, a leader in Western Canada, faced expansion challenges, requiring a durable and efficient agricultural building solution for their operations. The need for increased capacity, durability, and sustainability prompted the search for a reliable steel farm-building partner.


Choosing Global Steel Buildings Canada for their expansion needs, Great Northern Grain Terminals opted for prefabricated steel agricultural buildings. With its strict manufacturing specifications, steel addressed concerns about durability, eliminating issues like warping, buckling, and environmental hazards. The clear-span design allowed for easy equipment maneuvering and efficient product storage.


The implementation of steel agricultural buildings transformed Great Northern Grain Terminals’ operations. The expanded Killam terminal, with a capacity of 7,920 tons, exemplifies the economical and efficient advantages of steel farm buildings. Steel’s recyclability and minimal waste aligned with sustainability goals. The clear-span design showcased easy maintenance, making steel the intelligent choice for the challenging Western Canadian climate.

Collaborating with Global Steel Buildings Canada provided not just a structure but a tailored solution that met unique needs. For a durable and efficient steel farm building solution, contact us for a free quote and expert consultation to elevate your facilities.