Global Steel Buildings Showcase

Steel Buildings Showcase

Steel Buildings Showcase – Welcome

Global Steel Buildings Canada is proud of the work we have been doing for our customers right across Canada. In industries as diverse as agriculture and aviation we have been been helping large and small organizations meet their storage, shop, and other functional needs. Our engineers will design and build to meet your unique needs and budget. Our steel structures offer a unique clear span design. Unlike traditional steel, brick or wooden buildings, no space is wasted by trusses. You will have more room for operations or storage. Even the largest manufacturing or agricultural equipment will be unencumbered.

Our buildings are versatile and can be added on to easily in the future for business expansion. Our steel buildings showcase features our recent projects across Canada. From mini-storage in Nova Scotia to Buffalo Rock Dairy in Alberta to storage in Hope, British Columbia, we have experience with all types of buildings.

Steel Storage Solutions

Our steel buildings showcase features steel storage buildings that are popular and ideal for any property or business owner needing security and space. We can offer a do-it-yourself kit or we will install your project depending on your specific requirements. Using high quality Gavalume steel our buildings are durable, reliable and safe. Need more storage space in your current location? A prefab storage building could be the answer. Review our Steel Buildings Showcase for ideas and options. Storage buildings can be customized to the exact size you need. Choosing to build with steel is also a cost-effective and eco-friendly option that can also add value to your property.

Each building is made-to-order to your specific needs. Less waste and you can be sure the price you pay reflects your choices. Global Steel Buildings Canada takes great pride in our Canadian based customer service. We will ensure each customer is satisfied with their steel building.

With over 35 years experience in modular building design and sales, we has helped hundreds of clients.  We have constructed a wide range of steel buildings including industrial, garages, hangars, recreational, warehouse and agricultural buildings.  With wide ranging experience our team can take your ideas and design your steel building.  Be confident in knowing that our buildings are designed to meet the building codes specific to your location.

The Global Steel Buildings Canada steel building package is durable. Our steel buildings provide excellent protection against heavy winds and rains, hail storms, snow and ice. Our premium quality steel buildings also offer strong resistance to earthquakes, extreme winds and excellent.  Fire resistant, our buildings are not prone to mildew, mold or insect infestation.

Steel Buildings Showcase

This section highlights just a few of the many steel buildings projects we’ve recently completed. No matter the style of building you require the team at Global is here to meet your needs.  With unlimited building possibilities our coustom designs provide many building options and accessories to complete your building package.

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