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Roll Up Doors Are Ideal for Mini Storage

We offer a complete line of mini storage roll-up doors along with non-insulated, insulated and wind-rated roll-up doors!

The roll up doors at mini storage facilities send an importance message to both current customers and future tenants. Do you know what your doors are saying? Could they be decreasing your potential revenue because of their appearance? Your worn and shoddy self storage doors could be preventing your business from growing!

If you want to be a leader in the self storage business, you need to consistently offer your customers a better experience than your competition. Every facility on the market makes an effort to promote themselves as the ultimate mini storage business, so how do you distinguish yourself from the competition and become a leader in the self-storage industry?

When your self-storage facility has brand-new, heavy duty roll up sheet doors, you can easily market your business as the best option for mini storage clients. Your business can turn a healthier profit when your mini warehouse is appropriately secure, modern, and well-functioning.

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Here are some important features of our Roll-up Doors:

  • Corrugated door curtain, available in round or square profile, is hot-dipped galvanize 26-Ga.steel, primed then finished with high gloss silicone polyester paint
  • Polypropylene anti-wear strips come factory-installed as continuous guides for sliding metal parts, providing quieter operation and longer service life
  • Rigid support bracket with bearings hold constant door tension, and allow easy adjustments
  • Bottom bar assembly includes heavy-duty steel angle, roll-formed galvanized steel bottom bar and replaceable blade type vinyl astragal
  • Curtain lock assembly attaches to the exterior curtain, accepts pad locks or cylinder locks for owner/tenant security. Includes lock-out feature
  • Roll-up door guides are 18-Ga. galvanized steel. DS-75 guides install to masonry, steel or wood construction equally well
  • Automatic door stops prevent door from rolling up past the header
  • Oil-tempered steel spring is engineered to counterbalance different door sizes and weights for smooth, easy operation. The spring is shot peened to increase strength and add cycle life to the spring
  • Heavy-duty steel axle supports door curtain and counterbalance system

Why Roll Up Doors Are Best for Mini Storage Facilities

photo of Steel Self Storage Buildings with orange color doors

Roll up doors are great because they require very little space in front of the building for door access. Because the door rolls up into the space above the opening as one continuous sheet, there is no need to have clearance for the door in front of the building. You would still need enough space to load items like large pieces of furniture into the building, which is often more space than doors would require to move without being jammed. In addition to storage facilities, roll up doors are also commonly used in garages as the main garage door, but most frequently for commercial garage doors.

Because they gather into a roll at the top of the door rather than sliding along tracks, roll up doors are excellent for maximizing space. Roll up doors also offer streamlined access to buildings because the doors roll into the unit instead of swinging outward.

Roll up doors offer excellent insulation because of the foam within the door. Both heat and cool air will be kept inside, helping to reduce overall operating expenses. In addition to insulated doors, we offer a complete line of mini-storage roll-up doors that are non-insulated or wind-rated to handle heavy wind-load. No matter your needs, our roll-up doors come in a variety of styles and colours and can be customized in accordance with your unique specifications.

Roll up doors feature a corrugated steel curtain available in round or square profile, which is hot-dipped galvanize 26-gauge steel. The curtain is first painted with a primer and then finished with a top coat of high-gloss silicone polyester paint for durability and longevity. With correct installation and maintenance, metal doors can last 30 years or longer as they are not vulnerable to warping, rotting, denting or cracking, which are common issues with doors made from other materials like wood. The high-quality primers and polyester paint coatings used on our steel doors protect against chipping and scratching, keeping the doors looking nicer longer. Steel sheet doors are a low maintenance option because of the longevity of their materials and sturdy construction.

Our roll up doors have polypropylene anti-wear strips, which come factory-installed. These anti-wear strips serve as continuous guides for the roll up door’s sliding metal parts, providing quieter operation and longer service life. Our roll up doors also have automatic door stops that prevent the door from rolling up past the header. The doors feature a rigid support bracket with bearings that hold constant door tension and allow easy adjustments.

Both owners and tenants of mini storage buildings can benefit from the durable construction, effortless operation, and long service life that roll up doors offer. Roll up door guides are made from 18-gauge galvanized steel, and their installation to masonry, steel or wood jambs is quick and simple, with no special preparation. This ease of installation makes roll up doors a fast and reliable solution for mini storage doors.

Bottom bar assembly for our roll up doors includes heavy-duty steel angle, a roll-formed galvanized steel heavy-duty bottom bar and replaceable blade-type vinyl astragal. The curtain lock assembly for the roll up doors attaches to the exterior curtain and accepts pad locks or cylinder locks for added security. Our roll up doors also include a lockout feature for additional owner risk protection.

Our roll up doors feature an oil-tempered steel spring that is engineered to counterbalance different door sizes and weights for smooth, easy operation. The spring is shot peened to increase strength and add cycle life to the spring. A heavy-duty steel axle supports the door curtain and counterbalance system.

Roll up doors are solidly built and almost impossible to break into. Because of their added security, roll up doors are a great choice for mini storage warehouses. They can withstand regular wear and tear, in addition to rust, extreme weather, and other external elements, making them a great choice for long-term use. Mini storage facilities are more valuable and reliable when they are highly secure and durable. To learn more about our mini storage roll up door options and receive your free quote, fill out the form on this page now or visit our Home Page!