Low Maintenance Garage Buildings and Vehicle Storage

At Global Steel Buildings, we understand that automobile and truck owners take great pride of ownership, and the best way to protect their investment is with a quality metal garage building or car storage building. If you’re looking for garage building kits for sale, Global Steel offers the best quality and warranty in Canada.

Benefits of Global Steel Car or Truck Garages

  • Designed to Canadian Building Codes for garage buildings and car storage buildings.
  • Traditional and custom designs available.
  • Mould and termite proof – no wood is used in our metal garage buildings.
  • Low maintenance and the best warranty available in Canada.
  • Construction process is faster & easier  when constructing a metal garage building than when working with alternative materials.

Global Steel Metal Garage Buildings

The Global Steel Garage metal car garage kits package will provide the most economical and long-lasting metal garage building available in Canada for housing your truck or automobile. Our metal garage building kit, for sale across Canada, comes with a warranty that is second to none: a 40-year warranty on the colour steel wall sheeting and trim, a 25-year rust perforation warranty on the Galvalume steel roof sheeting and LIFETIME on the stainless steel fasteners. We use only the highest quality materials and components for our metal garage buildings and car storage buildings, which is how we are able to offer you the best warranty coverage in the industry.

At Global Steel Buildings, we understand that automobile and truck owners take great pride of ownership and want to protect their investment. Having a superior garage building is particularly important in the harsh Canadian weather, where cold and wind can challenge all-wood structures. Metal garage buildings offer the sturdy construction and the durability that protect your expensive vehicles for the long run.

Many of our clients find that the simplicity of our sturdy and long-lasting standard garage buildings and  car storage buildings,  constructed with metal roofs and metal siding, complement the appearance of their home or  and add to the attractiveness of their property.

However, a metal garage with  steel siding is not the right choice for everyone. Customers who own historic or classically styled houses have told us that they prefer a more traditional look to that of an all-metal garage building. However, it’s not difficult to add wood siding and traditional-looking shingles to our car storage buildings. When it comes down to it, the most important part of our metal garage buildings is their steel structure, which forms the core of all our metal car garage kits. It may cost a little extra to add custom siding, but  it’s possible to take advantage of the strength, durability and economy of steel construction without the appearance of an all-metal garage building. The advantage of metal car garage kits is that they can be adapted to suit your needs and tastes.

If you’ve already got a question in mind about our metal garage buildings and car storage buildings,  give us a call locally in the GTA or toll-free across Canada, or request a free quote. We’re proud of our products and services, including our metal car garage kits and our 35 years of experience in the metal garage building industry. Talking with clients and potential clients, hearing their ideas and finding out about their needs helps us to better serve all of our customers.

The Global  Metal Garage Building can be designed with large overhead doors to allow any truck to drive in for storage and protection. All of our  metal garage buildings are engineered to withstand the extremes of the Canadian climate; we can design for any Province or Territory.

Check out our 30x100x8.5 Toronto ONMini Storage Roll-Up Doors and 40×60 Shop Metal Building.

Our designers are Canadian and live in Canada – we know what it takes to design everything from  an Agricultural Building to an Airplane Hangar for our climate and wind conditions. If we can protect hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of grain, livestock, and airplanes, we can protect your valuable vehicles with one of our metal garage buildings. Our Accessories Department will ensure your steel/metal garage building is equipped with the correct doors, windows, and vents – just to name a few of our available accessories. Our metal car garage kits are simple to erect and are maintenance-free.

Contact us so one of our designers can engineer the  metal garage building you need today.