We offer a complete line of metal building insulation products including complete systems to meet your building's requirements.

Our building designers will educate you regarding the methods and options to insulate our Steel Buildings:

  1. Energy Saver System – This is our high performance and most popular system. The insulation is not compressed and provides R28 Wall and R38 Roof, the insulation is custom cut to fit between structural members (rigid frame, purlins & girts). We offer an exclusive Eve Strut Insulation Kit that insulates an other wise "weak point" in a typical steel building.
  2. Faced Blanket – This is our standard system. The insulation is installed by wrapping it up the outside of the building and is held in place by screwing the sheeting down over the insulation. We offer the Eve Strut Insulation Kit for this system.
  3. Solar Guard – This product is used when you choose not to insulate the building. This product controls condensation and is only installed in the roof.
  4. Fire Walls – Global Steel Buildings can be designed for 1 or 2 hour fire separation in exterior and interior walls or partitions. Ask your building designer for specific details.
  5. Insulated Metal Panels – Insulated Metal Panels provide the most efficient building envelope and gives a very clean interior and exterior appearance The thickness begins at 3" (R23), 4" (R31) & 5" (R38).

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