Airplane Hangar

Do you need an Airplane Hangar to protect your investment?

We can provide a clear span design Steel Hangar building (without columns) over 200 feet wide and accommodate the largest airplanes in the World.

The Global Steel Buildings Airplane Hangar package provides the best asset protection on the market. We offer the most economical and long lasting metal hangar building available in Canada. Our Airplane Hangars come with a warranty that is second to none. 40 year warranty on the colour steel wall sheeting and trim. 25 year rust perforation warranty on the Galvalume steel roof sheeting. LIFETIME on the stainless steel fasteners.  The aviation inudstried has relied on prefabricated metal aircraft hangers for decades.  
Our Global Steel Building can be designed with wide openings. This will allow a variety of door systems. Choose from Bi-Fold, Hydraulic Lift, Unidirectional and Bi-Parting door systems. And one of the greatest benefits of our Airplane Hangar package is that we can provide clear-span widths. Without columns, over 200 feet wide. A final product will accommodate the largest aircraft in the world.

Airplane Hangars designed to fit Most Aircraft

Looking to design a small airplane hangar to fit a Cessna 172? Or are you looking for a large custom made steel airplane hangar to fit military aircraft like a Lockheed C-130 Hercules? Whatever you need, we can make it. We design for commercial, personal aircrafts, corporate aircraft and military airports.
If you own an airplane, you want to make sure that your plane is always well maintained and flight-ready. It can be difficult and costly to protect your airplane in the way that you need. Work with the professionals at Global Steel Buildings Canada to erect a high quality airplane hangar. Our steel buildings will keep your plane and tools secure.
Our building specialists can help you design a hangar that will keep your planes fully protected. With our prefabricated steel buildings, you’ll never have to worry about your valuable aircraft coming to harm
All of Our Steel Aircraft Hangars are engineered to withstand the extremes of the Canadian climate. We can design to any Province or Territory. Our designers are Canadian and live in Canada. We know what it takes to design an aircraft metal hangar or a for our Canadian climate conditions and high winds.
Our hangar doors offer many designs to cut wasted  space.  Our hangar doors are reliable and energy-efficient
Our airplane hangars are ideal for helicopter, aviation, commercial or Military aircraft storage.  Protect your investment.  Great for maintenance and tool storage as well. Keeping your aircraft protected from damaging weather is easy and affordable with the Global aircraft hangar package.  We can design an aircraft hangar building to meet all your storage and repair shop needs.  
Save time and money erecting a prefabricated metal building compared to a conventional building of brick, stone or wood. Steel buildings can be erected quickly. This will save you time and money. A steel airplane hangar will save you on operational costs in the long run. Steel buildings require very little maintenance. Reach out to us for a list of qualified aircraft hanger erectors.

We Provide the Most Options

Experienced builders know that metal hangar building kits are the best choice. They provide the strongest shelter to protect a valuable asset when compared to wooden hangars. The Global plane hangars feature column-free interiors with 100% steel frames. These are not flimsy T-hangars with light gauge C-channel construction. They are sturdy metal hangars that exceed local regulations.
In fact Global’s prefab steel airplane hangar is typically engineered to integrate wide opening Bi-Fold doors. We offer fire-suppression systems for high performance. We have premium insulation packages to optimize energy efficiency.
Our Accessories Department will ensure your metal aircraft hangars are equipped with the correct hangar doors, walk doors, windows and vents. We have many accessories to meet your specific needs.
Our steel aircraft hangars are resistant to mold, mildew and termites.  They won’t warp or crack.  Your steel aircraft building will save you time and money.  You will enjoy years of storage and protection.  Steel is non-combustible so your builiding is fire proof. Your equipment will be protected from depreciation caused by outdoor exposure.  We can customize your hangar to meet your unique needs.  
And finally, our buildings are simple to erect and are maintenance free.   Our sales and customer service teams are friendly and knowledgable.  Contact us so one of our designers can engineer the aircraft hangars you need today.