Construction Facility in Hope, BC

Norquay Saskatchewan

Project Reference #2817

Project:  Construction Storage Facility

Location: Hope, British Columbia

Size: 50’W x 120’L x 18’H

Building Type: Storage

Project Description

Looking for a construction storage facility, this customer turned to Global Steel Buildings Canada.  The owner has partnered with Jim Busch on several projects.  Because we directly represent the factory, you can be sure that we control all stages of the purchasing process.  From quoting, designing, engineering and manufacturing, everything is managed by Global. This ensures your building will last a lifetime. Canadian Engineer Stamped Drawings are always provided as a part of your steel building package.
Global Construction prefers Global Steel Buildings Canada for their construction storage building needs. They know they will get top notch customer service and a building that is built to order and built to last.
Jim Busch, Global Steel’s founder has lived and worked across Canada. Because of this Jim knows the challenges facing buildings in our Canadian climate.  Jim has over 25 years marketing pre-engineered metal buildings. He brings a wealth of knowledge to ease your building project.  Jim has delivered over 1500 buildings across Canada and internationally. Jim has worked in diverse sectors including mining, forestry, aviation, agriculture, energy, fisheries and hospitality.
The team at Global Steel Buildings Canada are proud to provide exceptional customer service. When delivering construction storage buildings or any project
.  Paying special attention to quality control Global directly represents the factory.  Every project comes with a preliminary set of engineered drawings for customer review and acceptance To ensure accuracy each job is inspected and checked upon loading and again upon delivery Should there be any defects or missing components our team is on hand to immediately correct the issue.
Metal Building Stats
  • Metal produces nearly 0% construction waste
  • 35% of all low rise non residential construction projects are metal buildings
  • Metal buildings are more efficiently manufactured, 8 weeks is the average manufacturing time
  • Also more efficiently erected, most construction projects take 2 months
  • This represents 30% faster construction time than traditional projects
  • Long lasting the lifespan of a metal roof is 50 years
Efficiency Plus
Metal buildings offer greater energy efficiency than traditional materials.  Designed for efficiency the roof and wall systems are built for high performance.  The Galvalume coating  protects the metal from oxidation and corrosion and saves energy on your construction storage building, or any project. The Global Steel Buildings Canada package offers roof panels that are solar panel ready allowing you to reap further savings on energy costs.  The weather tight construction further reduces heating and cooling operating expenses.
A complete line of insulation products including complete systems to meet your buildings requirements Insulating your metal building is especially important as it will prevent moisture buildup and condensation Secondly insulation will ensure your interior temperature is controlled and reduce your energy costs by losing cold or warm air Metal building insulation is installed over the framing to cause continuous coverage instead of panel coverage like in traditional building materials.  Insulation can also reduce exterior noise.
There are many options for insulating your building project.  The team at Global Steel Buildings Canada will work with you to design and complete a building that meets your specifications and budget requirements.
The paint used on our Steel buildings has a 40 year warranty against chipping, cracking, peeling and blistering. It is a baked-on polyester paint so that the Global Steel Building maintains its colour and beauty over time.
Looking for a construction storage facility to expand your operation or for your start-up The Global Steel Buildings Canada team is looking forward to working with you on your project With a warranty second to none, we are committed to ensuring your construction storage facility comes in on time and on budget.