Metal Building used for Manufacturing located in Lumsden Saskatchewan

Norquay Saskatchewan

Project Reference #2812

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Metal Buildings used for Manufacturing located in Lumsden Saskatchewan

Norquay Saskatchewan

Project Reference #2812

Project: Steel Manufacturing Building 

Location: Lumsden, Saskatchewan

Size: 50’W x 120’L x 18’H

Building Type: Manufacturing

Project Description

The Arm River Community recently partnered with Global Steel Buildings Canada with their unique needs for the delivery of a steel manufacturing building. Our high level of customer service combined with over 30 years of experience helped create our metal building solutions. Our unique metal building systems along with our creative custom designs created by our sales staff made it easy for us to satisfy the needs of small business owners. We are able to answer technical questions thoroughly so you can be confident in getting a top-quality commercial buildings. The 50,000 square foot pre-engineered steel building project will house a manufacturing facility for forming steel siding. Located in Lumsden Saskatchewan, this Hutterite Colony was founded in 1964.

We specialize in commercial building designs and our team understand and anticipate the needs of manufacturing operations. Steel is the most economical, versatile building material in use today.  With our custom designs your manufacturing building will withstand the harsh Canadian climate.  Our designs are flexible so we can add indoor office space, mezzanines and other amenities. Also check out 40×60-shop-metal-building.

Why Steel?

Global Steel Buildings Canada is a North American leader providing a high quality product. We specialize in providing steel structures for industrial applications while ensuring buyers an exceptional experience. Read below these important considerations:


We offer a 40 year warranty on the color steel wall sheeting and trim, 25 year rust perforation warranty on the Galvalume steel roof sheeting and lifetime on the stainless steel fasteners. The paint used on our Steel buildings has a 40 year warranty against chipping, cracking, peeling and blistering. It is a baked-on polyester paint so that the Global Steel Building maintains its color and beauty over time.

Long Lasting

Steel roofing will last over 60 years while an asphalt roof will need replacement in about 15 years.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Keeping the building free of debris is the sum of the maintenance you will need to do. Save time and money operationally. The Galvalume coating repels dirt.


Your facility will be protected from the elements. Steel is resistant from severe weather. Protected from lightning, high winds and other storms your building is durable and strong. During winter months snow will slide off a metal roof. It’s versatility will ensure that it will perform well in any environment. This makes the cost of steel building great value.

Clear Span Design

Using our ideal steel clear span design you can be imaginative in your design options. With no interior columns your clear span space is wide open. It will easily accommodate even the largest manufacturing equipment.

Temperature Control

The steel roof on your manufacturing building will reflect much of the sun’s radiant heat due to the Galvalume coating. You can be sure to save on energy expenses.


Your pre-engineered steel building is built green and recyclable. Steel is environmentally friendly and can be recycled for continuous use. You will not be sending more building material to the landfill.  Steel construction produces less wast than other materials.

Upscale Exterior

Using stucco, brick, stone and insulated metal panel facade’s provides an upscale look to Global Steel Buildings.

Versatile and Easy to Customize

We offer a wide variety of styles, colors and materials. You choose the design. With a steel building, expansion is easy. Adding extra doors or windows is a piece of cake. If necessary you can relocate a steel building if necessary.

Return on Investment

Because your steel manufacturing building cost per square foot is often lower and can be erected quicker than traditional materials you will see a quicker ROI. In addition, if you ever need to sell your steel building project, steel is much for attractive to a buyer, because of its durability, then a shingled roof.

Save on Operating Expenses

In addition to reaping savings on energy and maintenance costs, many insurers will offer a discount for a steel manufacturing building. Because it is fire resistant steel gets a Class A Fire Rating. Protection and savings – a desirable combination. The energy-saving ability of steel buildings is another plus. Over time you can save on utility costs.

Single Source

Your steel manufacturing building is single sourced and makes project management simple. From design to fabrication to delivery and construction, it can all be done from one single source.

Wind Resistant

With a class A wind resistance a steel roof can withstand up to 240 mph winds.


Your steel manufacturing building will not warp or rust. It is not affected by insect infestation and is resistant to mildew.

With a steel building, you can easily expand if necessary. Adding extra doors or windows is also simpler with a steel building. A steel building is also easy to relocate or even replace if necessary.

Steel Vs Traditional Building Materials

While many building projects use wood structures, there are many benefits to choosing steel over wood. Some of the benefits of steel buildings are more obvious than others.

A pre-engineered steel building arrives with all components pre-cut to the required length and the holes are pre-drilled.  This will ensure that your building is operational quicker than a wood or brick and mortar building.

Unlike wood steel will not rot.  You will need less maintenance on your steel building than with a wood structure.  You won’t have to treat steel with chemicals to keep it functional another plus for the environment.  .

Strong, tough and durable – a steel manufacturing building is the best option. Contact our expert team for more information or a free quotation.