The Arm River Community recently partnered with Global Steel Buildings Canada for the delivery of a prefab building.  The 50,000 square foot pre-engineered steel building will house a manufacturing facility for steel siding.  Located in Lumsden Saskatchewan, this Hutterite Colony was founded in 1964.

Global Steel Buildings Canada’s customer service is second to none.  Our team bring more than 35 years experience to your project and will work with you every step of the way.  From design to delivery, we will ensure you receive the building that meets your needs at a price that meets your budget.

Our sales team are on hand to ensure the product you ordered is loaded onto the truck and are on site for delivery to ensure your satisfaction.

Clear Span Design

Because we employ a clear span design the Global Steel Buildings Canada package is ideal for a steel manufacturing building.  With no poles obstructing the space the building can house large manufacturing equipment.  Together we can design a space which will optimize work flow making your operations more efficient.

You building can be designed with mezzanine’s and office space.  Allowing for the complete operation to be housed in one space will make your business much more efficient.

Saving money is important to businesses of all sizes. Because we use Energy Star rated panels, your building will be more energy efficient.  This in turn will save you money on energy use during peak periods.  Because we use maximum sized windows in our designs,  we make use of natural light to further reduce energy costs.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel is 100% recyclable making it the most environmentally friendly building material available.  Today’s society values the importance of minimizing the effect on the environment and this will in turn affect consumers choices.  More and more builders are using steel in eco-friendly construction projects because of its durability and renewability. Long lasting, when combined with other eco-friendly building materials is often used for green building projects.  Other recyclable materials such as plastic break down and lose quality each time it is recycled.  Steel does not. There’s also less waste associated with steel construction compared to wood.

Prefab Building Construction

The Global Steel Buildings prefab building is delivered pre-cut and pre-drilled.  Assembly is straightforward and efficient.  Prefab buildings can be constructed 30% quicker than brick and mortar buildings.  This is a win for a manufacturing organization as you can be operational often within two months.  An important consideration for return on investment.

Because all prefab building components are delivered together from Global both the design and construction are much more economical. Single-source purchase of building elements gives the owner control over every aspect of building cost, design and construction. We directly represent the factory. This means we control all stages of the quoting, design and manufacturing process, including engineering. This ensures your building will last a lifetime. Engineer Certified Stamped Drawings are always provided as a part of your service package.  Single source purchase also allows for faster and more efficient construction and lower operating expenses than traditional construction. When it’s time to grow a business, expansion is quick, because it can be built into the original design.

The Canadian climate is no match for our steel manufacturing buildings.  Because our designers are Canadian and live in Canada, we know what it takes to design a steel manufacturing building for our climate conditions. By using the most advanced insulation system available, our buildings will lower your ongoing operational costs.

Not convinced steel is the best choice for your manufacturing building?  Contact the experts at Global Steel Buildings Canada for a no hassle, no obligation consultation.  We stand behind our people and our product.

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