Pre-engineered steel buildings are a great alternative to wood and brick constructions. Pre-engineered structures are typically less expensive, more durable and more versatile than other buildings. The great thing about pre-engineering is that all the components are cut to exact lengths and widths in the warehouse and delivered ready to be erected. Pre-engineered metal buildings have long ruled agricultural and aviation construction markets. Today steel buildings dominate commercial and industrial construction.  Steel is used to frame 65% of low rise commercial building projects and 95% of new industrial construction.  Some of the most common pre-engineered steel buildings are presented in the guide below.

Office Buildings and Commercial Uses

More businesses owner’s today are opting for pre-engineered steel buildings for many reasons. These buildings can be designed for commercial warehousing combined with office space for day to day business. Operate your business more efficiently by having the front office and the warehouse floor in one pace. Higher efficiency means lower operating expenses.

Pre-engineered Steel Residential Garage/Shop

A garage is a great way to add value to your property. Pre-engineered steel garages can be custom made to meet your unique needs. Garages are easily customized and can be designed and delivered in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Add insulation and your garage can also be your man cave or workshop. Tools, equipment and vehicles can be safely and securely stored in a temperature controlled environment.

Have an RV or boat? Protect your investment with an RV garage. Add some height and length and you can safely store your toys inside.  Global Steel Buildings Canada has the building solutions to protect your valuable property.

Farm Buildings

For centuries farmers have constructed wooden barns. The first European settlers to create homes in North America all had barns. The log home would often have a central chimney and one side of the structure was for humans, the other for livestock. The second structure to be built was a storage shed for wheat, hay and roots to provide food for the humans and the animals during the winter months. Then the small livestock barn would be built. The number of out buildings would increase as the family became prosperous. Eventually the family would move into a frame or stone house and the original log cabin would be designated for livestock use. These wooden structures lasted a fairly long time. Today, farmers are opting for a steel farm building instead. Pre-engineered steel farm buildings are much longer lasting than the original wood barn. They are easily insulated to store livestock, and can store both equipment and products inside away from the outdoors any any extreme weather. Like any other pre-engineered steel building, farm buildings can be designed and customized to meet your specific farming needs.

Storage and Warehousing

Storage and warehousing are a common use of pre-engineered steel structures. Like garages and shops storage buildings can be designed to custom sizes. Easily add options like doors, windows and insulation. Storage buildings can be designed for clear span capabilities so you can use large warehousing equipment and easily store and move large material in your building.

Sports Arena

Pre-engineered steel buildings make great sports arenas. Using custom designs, these steel buildings are an excellent choice for any sport or activity. A multi-purpose recreational facility can be used for a variety of sports. From basketball court, tennis court, ice rink, or horse riding arena – these spaces can be designed for any sport or activity. Steel buildings are the best choice for arena’s. Because of an arena’s overall width, steel buildings have strong truss designs and the buildings limited need for center support beams.

Mini Storage

Global Steel Buildings Canada can provide pre-engineered steel buildings in any size. No steel building is too small. Mini storage kits are perfect for small scale storage uses. Use it as a shed to house lawn tractors, ATV’s, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and other equipment. These mini building kits are available with single or dual garage doors. Practical, durable and secure, these building kits can be erected in just one day.  A steel building system is the most cost effective solution and best option for mini storage.

Many steel self storage businesses are expanding all over Canada.  Our mini storage buildings are designed with clear span interiors proving widths of up to 200 feet an unlimited lengths.   Finish your project with high value insulation and you can offer temperature controlled indoor storage for your customers.

Pre-engineered Steel Aviation Buildings

Aircraft hangars are almost always constructed of steel. The hangar can be designed specific to the type of aircraft being kept inside. Whether you are looking for a small aircraft hangar for a Cessna 172 or a large custom made steel airplane hangar designed to fit a Lockheed C-130 Hercules. Our structural system offers greater flexibility, whatever you need, we can make it. We design for commercial, private, and military airports. those that are specific to the type of aircraft you need to house. A pre-engineered steel aviation building can be customized to specific heights, lengths and widths to accommodate both large and small planes as well as helicopters.

Our light-weight steel building kits offer a great solution for any building application.  The Global Steel Buildings Canada will design your building to the building codes of  your region.  We guarantee customer satisfaction.  Contact the experts at Global Steel Buildings Canada for free consultation and a no obligation quotation.

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