Canadian Rockies Hemp Corporation has recently opened it’s first processing plant in Bruderheim, Alberta.  The facility measures 42,500 sq feet.  The processing plant was built using hemp block.
This innovative company contracts farmers in Alberta and Saskatchewan to include hemp into their crop rotation.  Canadian Rockies Hemp Corp. will purchase the hemp by the acre or by the tonne and process the hemp for resale in their plant.
After processing hemp is sold to be used in textiles, manufacturing, construction, medication or for any of the other 200,000+ different products that can be made from hemp.
Decortication Facility

Hemp Strand

Global Steel Buildings Canada worked closely to design and deliver a state of the art pre-engineered steel building for their Decortication Facility.  Using pre-engineered steel, Canadian Rockies Hemp Corp. are currently constructing a Decortication Facility.  Decortication is the process by which hemp fibre from the outside of the stalk is separated and beat into strands.  

The facility will be capable of processing thousands of acres of Canadian hemp for fibre, hurd, and dust products, as well as CBD products.

Pre-engineered steel is the best choice for agri-business.  It can withstand the harshest Canadian weather.  The Global Steel Buildings Canada accessory department can ensure your building is protected from snow loads by providing clamp to seam or deck mount bar snow retention systems.

Because we can design our steel buildings with bi-fold and hydraulic doors, they are able to accommodate the largest possible agricultural equipment.  Resistant to rot, mold, mildew and insect applications, steel will protect the hemp being processed within.

Long lasting, durable and economical the Global Steel Buildings Canada package was the best choice for the Canadian Rockies Hemp Corporation.  Contact our Canadian Customer Service team for more information and we will provide you with a no obligation consultation and quotation.