Metal Cannabis Growing Operation in Smiths Falls, Ontario

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Project: Metal Cannabis Growing Facility

Location: Smiths Falls, Ontario

Size: 50'W x 120'L x 18'H

Building Type: Storage

Project Description

A Metal Cannabis Growing Facility is ideal for cannabis growing, logistics and processing.  This customer needed to expand and turned to Global Steel Buildings Canada for a steel cannabis growing building.  The owner has partnered with Jim Busch on several projects citing that “Because we directly represent the factory, we control all stages of the purchasing process.  From quoting, designing, engineering and manufacturing, everything is managed by Global. This ensures your building will last a lifetime. Canadian Engineer Stamped Drawings are always provided as a part of your steel building package.”

In order to further expand growing space, the rapidly growing Canadian company added processing, product formulation and logistics facilities.  The expansion will triple the company's fulfillment capacity.

Metal Cannabis Growing Facility

Smith's Falls Growing Facility

Steel Cannabis Growing Facility

Also suitable for nursery or any greenhouse operation, a steel growing facility offers clear-span design.  With no interior columns your space will accommodate your crops and the systems required for daily operation.

Our metal buildings are built to be durable and secure.  In the highly regulated field of cannabis growing operations high level security is an important consideration.   Global Steel Buildings Canada's metal buildings are designed to be compliant with government requirements for cannabis cultivation.

Whether you are growing marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, our buildings create a weather resistant cultivation atmosphere that accommodates ventilation systems, lighting components, irrigation systems and de-humidification systems.

With the recent legalization of cannabis there comes an increase in cannabis grow facilities.  In order to create the perfect warm and humid growing environment, cannabis must be grown in a green house.  Commercial cannabis greenhouses offer the ideal environment for larger production of the controlled substance.

Our easy to build metal structures are customized to your specifications.  Metal buildings provide a quick return on investment as they can be erected quicker then structures built with traditional materials.  These buildings are cost-efficient and offer excellent value for long-term performance.  The Global Steel Canada building package offers an adaptable design and limitless features.

Unlike other building systems, pre-engineered steel buildings are self-supporting.  Straight wall steel buildings, using a clear span design, do not require interior walls or columns.  Adding floor space for future expansion is economical.  Space can be added at the end wall by adjoining another self-supporting steel building.

By choosing a pre-engineered steel building for your metal growing facility you are choosing sustainability.  Steel construction produces less waste then any other building material.  Steel is 100% recyclable.  

For more information on how we can meet your needs contact Global Steel Buildings Canada today!