Global Steel Buildings Canada is proud to exceed all steel building manufacturing standards.  Our factory has manufacturing certifications and accreditations for the steel building industry.

They also hold memberships in many trade organizations. We invest time and money to deliver the highest quality metal building.  Our product meets or exceeds all metal building industry standards.

We use the highest quality engineering design methods.  We will  deliver the quality steel building that meets your needs.  We offer all the related accessories you may need to complete your project.

Check out! Glossary of Steel and Metal Building Terms.

CSA-A660 The Steel Building Manufacturing Standards of Excellence

The CSA-A660 Standard was developed to assist code enforcement.  It is used to review building permit submissions.  It helps customers receive a quality certified buildings. The manufacturer provides a “Certificate of Design and Manufacturing Conformance”.  The certificate is signed by a licensed Professional Engineer for each project.

We offer all the related accessories you may need to complete your project.

Global Steel Buildings Metal Building Manufacturer Is Now IAS AC472 Certified

Our metal building manufacturer, SBC Building Systems, las completed the IASAC472 certification.  They are approved and recognized for full manufacturing and engineering accreditation.

This standard is  for qualified metal building manufacturers. It replaces the former certification program AISC-MB.  AISC-MB had provided third-party certification since 1989 for metal building system manufacturers.  Our buildings priced competitively and certified!

Pennsylvania Steel Building Manufacturer Awarded Renewal of IAS Certification of Accreditation

One of the world’s largest steel building companies is Factory Global Steel Buildings.  They have been awarded their International Accreditation Service (IAS) Certificate of Accreditation renewal. This is a three-part inspection program for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems.

It includes:

  • fabrication of structural weldments and cold-formed products requiring welding
  • fabrication of cold-formed products not requiring welding
  • design of metal building systems

A building from Global Steel Buildings Canada will meet all applicable building codes.  We use high design standards and quality assurance systems.  This will ensure we deliver only the highest quality steel buildings.

The steel building manufacturing facility is in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. This is a town about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh.

The inspection procedures are aligned  with the fabricator’s quality control manual. Inspection is conducted by Allied Testing and Geoscience, LLC. These inspections verify compliance with the IAS Accreditation Criteria. This Inspection Program is for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems.

This facility is one of the most sophisticated in the steel building industry. The engineers, advanced computer technologies and precision machinery exemplify the commitment to quality.

Drafting and Detailing

Using advanced CAD/CAM software created only for the steel buildings industry. The engineers ensure that all buildings meet or exceed local U.S. metal buildings codes. This includes snow load, wind speed and seismic requirements. Engineers provide stamped and certified permit drawings for every state in America.  We have designed our production facilities to ensure the highest level of quality.  We meet the National Building Code of Canada.

Permit drawings include

  • cover sheet with design loads and drawing index
  • anchor bolt drawings
  • column reactions
  • rigid frame elevations
  • side wall framing
  • end wall framing
  • roof framing, which includes sheeting drawings for side walls and end walls
  • detail drawings

NOTE: Foundation drawings are not included.  They are available for small fee from an outside concrete engineering firm. If you need full-scale calculations, they are available for a small fee.

CNC Technology

Using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology, the factory creates the secondary steel framing. It is the highest quality framing on the market today. CNC machines use digital information from CAD-CAM outputs.  This move motors and other  systems to cut, roll form and pre-punch bolt holes in steel components. CNC technology lets the steel building factory produce higher quality components.  The automation lets us fabricate in less time than competitors.  We pass the savings on to you.

Girt and Purlin Production

A zinc coating seals the surface of the steel girt and purlin in the steel building factory.  This galvanization prevents rust.  This treatment is standard to all buildings we sell at no extra cost.  Many steel buildings manufacturers charge an extra fee for  rust-prevention treatment.

The factory welders use the latest gas metal arc welding (GMWA) technology. The welding system is can manufacture steel components up to 72 inches deep.  This allows the production of column-free buildings interiors up to 200 feet wide. All welded components must pass strict quality control requirements.

Framed openings for overhead or rolling doors are prefabricated in the factory while windows and man doors are typically field located.

Trim Department

Many steel building manufacturers bend building eaves and trim by hand.  This results in poor quality and substandard workmanship. Our factory trim department uses ten specialized roll forming machines.  This bends and forms building eaves and trim. Many competing steel buildings manufacturers buy gutters and downspouts from other suppliers. The steel building factory has the technology to manufacture gutters and downspouts.  This allows the factory to control quality.  They avoid the costs of buying components from other suppliers.  The savings go to you.  We supply all the structural components and related accessories for  your steel building. This is an important consideration to help you choose your total building system.

Metal Building Factory Certifications, Accreditations and Memberships

Global Steel Buildings Canada supplies the best products in the steel building market.

Metal Building Manufacturers Association Member

This refers to welding.  It is a rule of membership in the MBMA.

A high standard certification program written for the metal building systems industry. Written in cooperation with MBMA it has three parts:

  • Part A – STRUCTURAL – accreditation that covers welding and traceability for structural fabrication (AC172).
  • Part B – COLD FORMED – covers the fabrication of cold formed products that need no welding.
  • Part C – DESIGN –address the design of metal building systems.

This certification is much broader than AC172 accreditation.  It involves all practices and engineering for the PEMB (Pre-engineered Metal Building) industry.

American Welding Standards certification covering 350 standards for welding practices and procedures.

Certification of qualified supervisors or inspectors.  This ensures that all procedures are approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB).  This is the certification agency for welding.

USGBC is a non-profit trade organization.  It promotes sustainability in building design, erection and operation. It developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), building rating systems.  This a green building rating system.


We represent qualified products or services that can deliver ENERGY STAR performance levels.

  • Clark County (Las Vegas) Approved Fabricator Certification
  • California – City of Riverside (pending initial official registration listing)
  • Texas certificate of registration #F11839 product certification
  • Underwriters Laboratories UL-90 product certification PD# 08M40421
  • Texas, City of Houston Product Certificate of Approval #759
  • FL#3722.1 – Florida product approval for PBR and R panels for roof systems
  • FL#3722.2 – Florida product approval for ZS TS24 panels for SSR roof systems
  • FL#3985 – Florida product approval for PBR and R panels for wall systems