KY Custom Cycles, Telkwa, British Columbia

With pre-engineered steel buildings it is simple to add-on to your existing facility. Pre-engineered steel is versatile, environmentally friendly, economical to erect and maintain, and will lower your operating expenses in the long run.

When Ken Yorkston found the need to expand his operation KY Custom Cycles, he turned to Global Steel Buildings Canada. KY Custom Cycle’s original steel building was delivered by a different manufacturer.

Working closely with the Global Steel Buildings Canada team, Ken was able to expand his shop with the addition of a pre-engineered steel 25 x 60 extension.

The add-on is seamless and when finished the exterior of the building had the appearance of being constructed all at one time.

The add-on will house a motor home and was finished with cedar siding to match the two existing bays. Ken finished the bay with a 14 x 16 roll up shop door and a man door.

Thermal spray insulation finished the extension, 4 inches on the ceiling and 3 inches on the wall for maximum energy efficiency and reduced utility costs.

Erection was easy and took only four weeks in between servicing the KY Custom Cycles customers. The roof trim was manually reformed to match the existing building.

Global Steel Buildings Canada can provide pre-engineered structures to add-on to your existing facilities no matter the original supplier. Work with the best in the industry.  Call Global Steel Buildings Canada for a free consultation and no obligation quote today.