In January 2019, Woodbine Entertainment announced a $6 million dollar paddock expansion project.  Global Steel Buildings Canada provided the steel equestrian building for the project.

The paddock expansion will allow Woodbine to be recognized as the leading Standardbred racetrack in North America.

The Steel Equestrian Building

Lane Contracting was awarded the project and selected Global Steel Buildings Canada to supply the structure.  The 22,000 square foot paddock measures 125 feet wide, 165 feet long and 18 feet high.  The building was customized to feature 57 box stalls, a trainer locker room and a viewing area for fans.  The steel structure also includes office space.

Traditionally equestrian buildings were wooden.  Steel is far more weather resistant and will outlive a wooden building.  Feed and hay is kept dry and free from insect infestation.  Wood is susceptible to rot, steel is not.  The Global Steel Buildings Canada package is treated and will not rust.

Maintenance Free

Little to no maintenance means that once built, a steel building will be cost effective for years to come.  Because a clear span design is used, the Global Steel Buildings Canada package is able to maximize the interior space.  Easily customized, designs can include mezzanines, paddocks, office space and other amenities to meet your specific needs.

With a Canadian design and engineering team, Global Steel Buildings worked with Lane Contracting to deliver an all Canadian project.  All of our detailing, manufacturing and customer service is based in Canada.

Our team has over 30 years experience engineering, designing and delivering pre-engineered steel buildings in Canada and internationally so we are the ideal choice for your building needs.  Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and quotation for your building project.