Jim Busch, president and founder of Global Steel Buildings Canada introduces a new Fast Track Construction Plan to ensure Builders and Individuals that follow the Global Steel Buildings plan will get their project completed faster. Experienced construction professionals know that thorough preparation and planning will get the building owner the best possible results.

Steel Building Standards of Excellence

Global Steel Buildings introduces Fast Track Construction Program

Jim Busch, President and founder of Global Steel Buildings Canada , has assembled a team of Canadian Steel Building specialists that have over 30 years experience engineering and manufacturing Metal Buildings for all 10 Provinces and three Territories. Mr. Busch reports that, “My team understands that the Canadian construction season is shorter than most US States. We understand that it is important to start preparation well before construction activities begin. To save time and expenses you can’t waste a day”

Our team will guide the buyer to qualified steel building contractors that can manage the complete construction process. Many building owners choose to personally take on construction management. Our Global Steel Building specialist with guide the contractor or owner through the critical early steps of the preparation process. If you overlook a simple but crucial step in the planning process you take the risk of causing expensive delays.

Take advantage of this limited time opportunity. Remember; the objective of these early steps is to identify challenges or roadblocks and eliminate the risks. Of course, the downside of ignoring our Fast Track insights are costly mistakes and delays starting your steel building project.

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