When weighing your options for a new farm building you will want to consider the advantages of steel over a wood pole barn. Whether you’re using the structure to house livestock, equipment or other product, steel structures are a definite innovation over other materials. Pre-engineered steel buildings are the only choice for your new farm building. Contact us for agricultural steel buildings for sale in Canada.

The steel advantage

  • Steel affords you the highest possible quality at an affordable price
  • Construction cost and time is about half that of a wood pole barn
  • The material features a high strength to weight ratio and is designed to withstand extreme conditions
  • Pre-engineered steel structures provide an excellent return on investment
  • These buildings are finished with materials with a very high R value making them cost effective to operate
  • Steel buildings have an expected lifetime of up to 40 years
  • Clear-span design allows for maximum use of the space
  • Steels superior design is ideal for livestock providing a comfortable and safe environment
  • Steel is fire resistant and non combustible
  • Your building will be safe from mold, rotting and pests
  • Steel structures are 100% recyclable

All of these factors combined mean your steel agricultural building will be economical to maintain and insure thus lowering your operating costs.

The choice is clear

For agriculture a steel building offers so much more value, strength and security than the alternative. Global Steel Buildings Canada offers a warranty that is second to none.  Looking to expand or upgrade your farm?  Steel is the only choice.  Call Global Steel Buildings Canada for your personalized quote today.