Global Steel Buildings Canada can deliver an affordable pole barn which will meet your specifications.

During the Depression of the 1930s, farmers chose the most cost-effective materials available for new construction. Recycled telephone poles became posts to frame barns. The term pole barn originated from these depression-era telephone pole barns.

The pole frame barn is a sturdy and reliable structure. Using posts buried into the ground, a pole barn is cheaper and more efficient to erect compared to other types of construction.

Advantages of Pole Barn Construction

  • A building’s foundation can be time-consuming and expensive. Because a pole barn is supported by deep-set poles, there is no need for a level concrete foundation to begin construction.
  • Pole barns are less expensive to erect. Other types of construction require extensive framing and more materials making your overall cost of construction higher. Construction is less labour-intensive as well.
  • Pole barns can be better insulated due to the wide spacing between posts. The design naturally creates better ventilation, promoting higher air quality.
  • A steel pole barn is the perfect solution for your agricultural needs. Whether you need a building for equipment storage, food processing, or housing animals, Global Steel Buildings Canada can meet your needs.

Our knowledgeable team can offer solutions to meet your needs. A steel pole barn is far more practical than traditional wooden barns these days. Offering efficiency, quality and durability, steel is the best choice for your investment. Read why steel pole barns are much better than wood here.

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Our accessories department can help finish your building with energy-efficient windows and doors.  The Global Steel Buildings Canada warranty is second to none.

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