Clear span Steel Agricultural Building

Lazy Diamond Farm partnered with Global Steel Buildings Canada on the delivery of a pre-engineered clear span steel agricultural building.

Lazy Diamond Farms’ operations are focused on grain and oil seed production. Located in Blaine Lake and originally founded in 1905, seven years before the town of Blaine Lake was incorporated,  Lazy Diamond is a productive family farm with national distribution.

In 2016 Gerald Dagenais was looking to upgrade his facility and partnered with Global Steel Buildings to design and deliver a high quality and durable pre-engineered steel building for his operation.  A quick return on investment was important to Dagenais,  interrupting his operations for any length of time was not an option.  A clear span steel agricultural building can be built 30 % faster then a wood pole barn.  With 8 weeks being the average manufacturing time and a typical construction time of two months, a steel building was the best choice for Lazy Diamond Farms.

Low Cost and Easy Construction

Every dollar counts when it comes to investing in infrastructure in farming and pre-engineered steel offers savings from the outset with lower labour costs than traditional agricultural buildings.  Global Steel Buildings Canada offers a single source by providing design, engineering, manufacturing and even facilitating installation if necessary.

Gerald Blueprint of Lazy Diamond Farm's Clearspan Steel Agricultural Buildingworked closely with Jim Busch, the owner and founder of Global Steel Buildings and together they designed a clear span building measuring 80 feet wide by 120 feet long. At 26 feet tall the building was designed to house a five ton crane system. The design provides excellent access for the farm’s heavy equipment. Steel is easy to maintain and offers built in fire and weather proofing, a bonus for Lazy Diamond Farms.  Resistant to mold and insect infestation, important considerations for a grain operation.

Lazy Diamond Far'sClearspan Steel Building Under ConstructionThe Completed Lazy Diamond Far'sClearspan Steel Building

What is Clear span?

Pre-engineered clear span metal buildings came into existence in the 1960’s and are popular in the agricultural sector as they are cost-effective, versatile and economical to maintain.

Clear span describes the distance between the two inside surfaces of the span supports; the distance that is unsupported by interior columns.

If you need a wide space that is clear of posts and beams, then a clear span design is the choice. A clear span design is one that does not have supporting pillars like those found in pole buildings. A clear span building offers the most usable space and is ideally suited to farm operations to house livestock and heavy equipment. Other applications could include sports complexes, manufacturing, equestrian riding buildings and warehouse storage.

Because they are pre-engineered, clear span steel agricultural buildings can be erected quickly which is an important factor in the agricultural sector due to the seasonal nature of the business and it’s dependency on the elements.

A prefab steel farm is a great choice because it is built to last.  A steel roof will typically last up to sixty years.  While a steel building is low maintenance, keeping the roof free of debris and any dents or scratches caused by external forces taken care of.

No matter how complex the design or unique the building accessories are, Global Steel Buildings Canada’s team of experts can get a building done on time and on budget. Our team work with each customer one on one to determine their needs and then help design and create the ideal steel building solution.

Each steel building can be completely customized and outfitted with all the necessary tools and accessories, including doors, skylights, windows and more. With custom or turnkey designs we can help lay out every detail to meet the needs of our customers.

Our steel farm buildings come with a warranty that is second to none; 40 year warranty on the colour steel wall sheeting and trim, 25 year rust perforation warranty on the Galvalume steel roof sheeting and lifetime on the stainless steel fasteners.

Contact Global Steel Buildings today for more a free quote and no obligation consultation.  Pre-engineered steel buildings are versatile, durable and affordable.  Our team brings over 35 years experience to your project.  We pride ourselves on our superior customer service.  We look forward to working with you on your next building project.