Regardless of why you’re looking at metal buildings, you need to be sure you’re getting the best builders to walk you through the project. Steel buildings are not all the same and it’s in your best interest to spend the time to do a little research so you can find the builder that best suits your budget and needs, especially when you’re considering putting together an airplane hanger. That said, here’s a few questions to help sort through all the builders you’ll come across so you can get the one that suits you.

• Find out who is responsible for the necessary permits and any zoning issues that you’ll need to look at. Of course when it comes to these kinds of metal buildings, you want to be sure that everything is done according to the local municipal bylaws and such. It’s a good idea if everyone involved understands who will be making those types of contacts.
• Ask to see a portfolio of other steel buildings the company has put together. It’s a good idea to see how these steel buildings have held up to the elements so it’s important to see examples that are at least ten years old.

Remember that steel airplane hangers and other metal buildings should also have other accessories like fire wall separation capabilities.