Global Steel Buildings Canada is your best choice for metal buildings. Our pre-engineered building kits are easy to assemble and will get you operational quicker than traditional building materials.

Benefits of Metal Buildings

There are many benefits to choosing metal buildings for your addition, expansion or new venture. Our buildings offer durability, affordability, and versatility. Because we can utilize a clear-span design, without columns, our buildings can be built up to 200 feet wide. In fact our buildings can accommodate large farm equipment and even the largest aircraft in the world. steel aviation hangar buildingAs far as material goes, metal is the most durable construction material available on the market today. Its durability and sustainability makes metal a very cost effective solution.

Less susceptible to wear and tear than other building materials the cost of ongoing maintenance for your  metal building will be minimized. Metal buildings do not rot and are not prone to insect infestations making it an excellent choice for agricultural, warehousing and commercial applications.

Metal is 100% recyclable which is good news for the future and for the environment. When your building has outlived its purpose, the metal can be re-purposed. Building with metal creates less waste at the end of construction.

Our metal panels are energy star rated to help regulate your building’s temperature and save you money on high electricity prices in peak months.

Global Steel Buildings Canada

Our design team can further maximize your space by incorporating a mezzanine or office space into your facility. Because we are Canadian, we recognize the need to design buildings to withstand even the harshest of climates. We have delivered projects all across Canada and globally to meet diverse needs in diverse climates.

The Global Steel Buildings Canada team recognizes that word of mouth is the best referral method and we go out of our way to ensure that every project is delivered to our client’s satisfaction. Our warranty is second to none, with a 40 year warranty on the colour steel wall sheeting and trim, a 25 year rust perforation warranty on the Galvalume steel roof sheeting and a LIFETIME warranty on the stainless steel fasteners.

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