Wood Pole Barns kit prices, at first glance, look cheaper than a package provided by Global Steel Buildings Canada but look deeper – is it really cheaper❓

In this article we break down and examine all the Prefab building components and compare them to pole building kits and custom pole barns – decide for yourself, and get a free quote with an exact price for a metal building with an endless variety of uses.

With over 35 years of design and construction experience the Global Steel Buildings Canada team are trusted for their superior product, reliability and excellent customer service.

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Structural Rigid Frames (Columns and Rafters)

Global Steel Buildings Pre-Engineered Rigid Frames

Our Steel building consists of rigid frame, plate steel and H beam construction which is similar to a traditional H column. The difference is that our pre-engineered rigid frame is uniquely engineered for your building. No two rigid frames are the same due to being computer designed to withstand specific wind, rain, snow and seismic loads in your exact area to satisfy local building codes. Did you know that there are several active seismic locations in Canada? British Columbia is most likely to have a major earthquake with the St. Lawrence and Ottawa River valleys coming in a close second.

Since no wood is used in our building – no warping will occur, there’s no risk of fire or termites AND insurance premiums will be less expensive than for wood pole barn kits. Our Building has a 40 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on all structural components.

Our building’s truss does not need a cord going across which means there is complete unobstructed space within. Birds cannot perch and defecate on the equipment and machinery inside the wood pole barn, which will save you tremendous costs on maintenance.

Wood Pole Barns Columns and Rafters

Wood pole buildings sometimes called post-frame buildings manufactured using the frame construction method will eventually warp over time.

Ask your builder if the type of pole barn frame structure they are quoting you is being computer designed to withstand specific wind, rain, snow and seismic loads in your exact area to satisfy local building codes.

They will probably tell you that their pole building design is NOT classified as a permanent structure

Wood Pole Storage Sheds are a fire hazard and become a target for termites and other insects – raising the costs of insurance. Wood Pole Buildings are more expensive to insure.

A completely wood structure (excluding the metal roof) is NOT often a popular option for valuable vehicle storage, even more valuable farm equipment as agricultural buildings or common uses such as storage buildings for commercial buildings for commercial use for high value contents or tenants.

Wood pole building manufacturers typically require a cord spanning across the truss width causing tremendous loss of space. This creates a perch for birds – with caustic defecation potentially damaging your machinery and equipment.

Roof Purlins and Girts Comparison

Global Steel Buildings Roof Purlins and Girts

Our Buildings purlins and girts are superior 16 gauge zinc-galvanized steel. These buildings are all steel – no wood used anywhere.

A purlin used in steel metal building construction runs parallel to the building eave and supports the roof decking or sheeting. Purlins are supported by the main frame rafter (part of rigid frame).

A Girt or Sheeting Rail used in steel metal building construction runs parallel to the building eave and laterally supports the wall panel or sheeting to resist wind loads. Girts are supported by the main frame rafter (part of rigid frame) or endwall column.

A girt

Wood Pole Barns Purlins and Girts

Wood pole building manufacturers typically use wood purlins and girts which will bow or bend causing screws to loosen, sheets to flap and leaks to occur within the pole barn.

Roof Sheeting Comparison

Global Steel Buildings Roof Sheeting

Global Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings roof system consists of maintenance-free 80 yield, 26 gauge, AZ55 Galvalume®. AZ55 which consists of 55% aluminum, 44% zinc and 1% silicon.

This also allows the steel mill to give a 25 year rust through warranty on perforation. If a hole develops in a roof panel due to corrosion, the steel mill will replace it.

Our steel buildings have a 1½” depth in our corrugation in the sheeting. Our extra depth of corrugation adds strength to the roof.

The sheeting on the roof of our steel buildings has a depth of 1½” in the corrugation. The depth adds strength to the roof.

Our panel overlap (called a reversed “L”) prevents water from backing up through the overlap into the Global Steel Building.

Wood Pole Barns Roof Sheeting

Pole barn builders offer only a 15 year guarantee on the roof sheeting. Typically Wood buildings only use sheeting with a zinc coating that eventually will oxidize, fade then rust causing perforation holes allowing water inside the building.

Wood pole barn buildings typically only use 29 gauge steel on the roof trusses, which is lighter than 26 gauge steel, and only a 5/8″ depth of corrugation that does not provide the extra strength the Global Steel building has.

Often pole barn kit manufacturing competitors use an ‘R’ panel roof, which means the sheeting only overlaps one third of the way into the corrugation. This doesn’t prevent leakage as well as the reverse ‘L’ design that Global Steel uses because the water will back up into the pole building.

Fasteners Comparison

Global Steel Buildings Fasteners

Our capped fasteners are top quality materials stainless steel.

They won’t rust and includes a lifetime warranty. It is very important that the fasteners be compatible with the AZ55 or AZ50 because the steel mill will not warranty the wood pole barn roof if they’re incompatible.

Wood Pole Barns Construction Fasteners

Wood buildings typically use fasteners with an alloy head that will tarnish turning dark gray or black. The roof of the barn loses its luster and beauty.

Paint Coating Comparison

Global Steel Buildings Paint Coating

The paint used on our Steel buildings has a 40 year warranty against chipping, cracking, peeling and blistering.

The coating is a baked-on polyester paint so that the Global Steel Building metal pole barns maintain its colour and beauty for a lifetime.

Wood Pole Barns Paint

Building manufacturer’s typically only warranty the roof for 10, 15 or 20 years.

Foundation Considerations

Global Steel Building Foundation

The Global Steel Building utilizes an engineered concrete foundation that integrates with the rigid frame and end wall columns.

Your foundation engineer will provide exact details to you and your construction manager on what is required for a foundation in your area – no guessing.

The concrete slab is poured after the structure foundation is complete.

Additional features can easily be included in the slab design like in floor heating.

The Foundation can also be designed for building expansion or additions like expanding the length or adding a lean-to.

Wood Pole Barn Foundation

A frame construction technique used on many farm buildings is to use wood posts or columns set in concrete like a fence post can be a problem in frost areas (which is all of Canada).

This approach to pole barn plans is to use low-tech building materials.

Freezing will cause the post to expand and crack the concrete post foundation or sometimes it softens the wood post. And we all know that moist softened wood leads to rot.

Many builders believe that pressure treated wood posts solves that problem. But your horses are going to nibble at the wood which leads to eating arsenic and potentially poisoning them.

Builders with years of experience know there are other workarounds but again this is not a permanent building so you will end up replacing your custom barns.