Ports Toronto Pre-Engineered Steel Boat Storage

Global Steel Buildings Canada recently delivered a pre-engineered steel building to the Toronto Ports Authority. This building was erected at the Outer Harbour Marina, Ports Toronto. Measuring 80 feet wide by 160 feet long, this structure is 24 feet high.

This huge metal storage facility serves as indoor boat storage for some high end property! This is the only marina in the GTA to offer heated indoor boat storage, thanks to the design team at Global Steel Buildings.

Our team worked with Ports Toronto to design and deliver an insulated and heated steel building with a very high R value. The roof and walls are filled with R20.

Finishing touches include a 20 x 20 overhead door which allows even the tallest of boats to be easily manoeuvred into the storage facility. There are also four 3 x 7 man doors.

Ports Toronto placed high value on protecting their customers investments when selecting a company to deliver their new heated storage facility. Steel is the perfect choice for this type of storage application. By nature steel is non combustible and flame resistant. Steel offers greater structural integrity over wood, no substandard materials are used in a pre-engineered steel building, each section meets strict industry standards. Steel will not decay like wood over time and it is not prone to mould, mildew, insect or rodent infestations.

When trusting Ports Toronto with their boats, customers expect a pristine secure environment with no rot or pests.

Because of its strength, the steel building can be built clear-span, meaning there are no interior posts allowing for Ports Toronto to maximize the use of the storage space.

By choosing a pre-engineered steel building from Global Steel Buildings Canada, Ports Toronto now have a facility built to withstand extreme weather which can be expected on the shores of Lake Ontario throughout the four seasons.

Ports Toronto can be worry free knowing their steel storage building comes with a warranty second to none. Steel buildings offer a quick return on investment since erection is less expensive and much faster than the alternative.

Operating costs and insurance costs are much more affordable when working with pre-engineered steel.

Working with the professionals at Global Steel Buildings Canada facilitates design and delivery and gets you and your project up and running quickly.

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