Pre-engineered Metal buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings are constructed with main frames, or rigid frames, as the main support structure with secondary, cold form c or z shape girts and purlins to support the exterior roof and wall metal cladding. Various other secondary steel components, such as bracing, flange braces, are also added to stiffen/ strengthen the structure.

Pre-engineered steel building, also known as pre-engineered metal buildings or engineered metal buildings, are designed based on the customer’s requirements, building use, location. Design considerations for steel buildings include clear span distance, bay spacing, roof slope and orientation, collateral loads, local climatic loading, special deflection criteria requirements. Through detailed design and planning, pre-engineered steel buildings provide a much lighter overall building, up to 15-30% lighter, which results in a more economical building solution.

Pre-engineered steel structures are economical and suitable for many applications. Pre-engineered steel buildings are used extensively in industry, agriculture, recreation, forestry, air hangars and commercial and retail construction. The use of pre-engineered steel reduces erection time and delivers better quality assurance under all weather conditions.

For a residential application, metal building solutions are a great choice over conventional construction

Whether you are building a house, shed, workshop, garage or storage facility for your belongings, RV, or boat, this versatile prefab building can meet your unique needs.  Steel building systems are great storage options.  Whether you are building a min self-storage business, storing agricultural product, equipment, vehicles or your own personal property, rest assured your items are secure in a durable steel building.  Using our clear-span design you get 100% usable space on the interior.  With no columns obstructing movement you can store and move even the largest equipment.

Airplane Hangars Designed to Fit Most Aircraft

Whether you are looking to design for a small airplane hangar to fit a Cessna 172 or a large custom made steel airplane hangar designed to fit military aircraft like a Lockheed C-130 Hercules. Whatever you need, we can make it. We design for commercial, personal aircrafts, corporate aircraft and military airports.

All of our steel aircraft hangars are engineered to withstand the extremes of the Canadian climate; we can design to any Province or Territory. Our designers are Canadian and live in Canada – we know what it takes to design an Aircrafta metal hangar or a Helicopter Hanger for our Canadian climate conditions and high winds.

Energy Efficiency

Steel buildings are good insulators for heat and cold. The building structure will containthe heat  during winter while keeping temperatures low during summers due to their insulating properties. Save energy costs becuase of the natural insulating properties.  Using high R value insulation, Global Steel Buildings Canada can help you furher reduce your heating and cooling costs over the years.  Saving on operating expenses annually is a big plus of a pre-engineered steel building.  Requiring minimal maintenance and being energy efficient, a prefab steel building is the right choice for many businesses.

For a cost effective soltuion for your structural steel building project, contact the industry leader, Global Steel Buildings Canada.  Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to assist you with advice, consultation and a no obligation quotation for your pre engineered steel buillding.  Contact us today.