Voisey’s Bay is an open pit mining operation which has been operating in Labrador since 2005.  The Board of Directors approved development of an underground mine to access deposits in 2015.  Work to extend the Vale nickel-copper-cobalt mine in Labrador into an underground operation has already begun.

Various contracts have been awarded and are underway.  Global Steel Buildings Canada is supplying a pre-engineered steel building which will serve as the Paste Plant and Booster Station.

First ore from the new mine, being established at a capital investment of $2.2 billion, is expected in April 2021.  The Voisey Bay underground mine is expected to go down up to 900 meters.  

Paste Plant

In mining, paste backfill is used to safely provide ground support in underground mining operations.  This critical Paste Plant will mix mine tailings with a binder such as cement to create a paste-like fill to be put back into the mined voids to create stable ground.

Booster Station

Booster Station

In mining a booster station is used in mining to boost the pressure of flowing liquid to keep it moving towards its destination.

Pre-engineered steel is the ideal material for this mining facility.   Because mining operations are often located in areas with the most extreme climates, the durability and strength of steel is the best choice.

Steel is economical and durable.  Using pre-fabricated steel for it’s paste plant ensures Vale gets the best ROI possible for this billion dollar project.  Steel is an environmentally friendly material and is 100% recyclable which fits with Vale’s commitment to the environment.  There is little to no waste and because our buildings are pre-engineered all parts fit together to facilitate erection.

Our buildings are versatile and can be customized to your needs.  Steel can withstand natural wear including pests, rot and fire.

At Global Steel Buildings Canada we work directly with our clients to design and build a steel building that will meet their specific needs.  A steel building does not need to resemble a big box store but can be customized and finished with materials to create an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

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