Pre-Engineered Steel Storage Building

Read about the erection process of a steel storage building (steel warehousing) by Global Steel Canada and Paulo Ventures for Newfoundland Power

Global Steel Buildings Owner Jim Busch partnered with Paulo Ventures to deliver two pre-engineered steel storage buildings to meet the stringent specifications and regulations required by the Province of Newfoundland Labrador for Newfoundland Power.

This project presented logistical challenges due to location which were overcome by the superior customer service team at Global Steel Buildings Canada. Tender called for the delivery of two pre-engineered steel storage buildings designed to withstand the coastal climate of Labrador.

Building one is located in L’Anse au Loup, the largest of a group of seven towns known locally as the Labrador Straits. This pre-engineered steel structure measures 20 ft by 33 ft by 11 ft and was designed for use as a storage building. The finished building features energy saving R20 roof and wall insulation which will lower ongoing operational costs for Newfoundland Power.

Building two is located in Cartwight, a community located on the southern coast of Labrador. The pre-engineered steel building measures 11 ft by 33 ft by 11ft and operates as a storage facility for Newfoundland Power. The storage building features one main door and R20 roof and wall insulation which allows for longevity and performance in the sub-arctic climate.

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The erection process steel storage building

Paulo Ventures team first laid the foundation which is key to ensuring the completed pre-engineered steel storage building is erected with ease.

Steel Storage Building foundation

Laying the foundation

Pouring the foundation

Next the building was framed and fastened to the foundation.  Global Steel Buildings provided Paulo Ventures’ team with pre-welded, pre-cut and pre-punched I beams and rafters to facilitate installation. Secondary framing consisted of purlins, girts and framed openings.

Framing Pre-engineered steel storage building

Framing the inside

The building was then insulated and the wall panels were installed. The warranty offered by Global Steel Buildings on the panels and fasteners is second to none.  Finally the trim and accessories including vents, doors and other options were installed.

The final storage buildings are durable and energy efficient. An attractive addition to both small  communities.

Storage Facility

Newfoundland Power

Steel Storage Facility

Newfoundland Power Steel Storage Building