When weighing your options for a new agricultural storage or farm building you will want to consider the advantages of steel over a wood pole barn. Whether you’re using the structure to house livestock, equipment or other product, steel structures are a definite innovation over other materials. Pre-engineered steel buildings are the only choice for your new agricultural storage or farm building. Contact us for agricultural steel buildings for sale in Canada.

The steel advantage for agricultural storage

  • Steel affords you the highest possible quality at an affordable price
  • Construction cost and time for a steel agricultural storage building is about half that of a wood pole barn
  • The material features a high strength to weight ratio and is designed to withstand extreme conditions
  • Pre-engineered steel structures provide an excellent return on investment
  • These buildings are finished with materials with a very high R value making them cost effective to operate
  • Steel buildings have an expected lifetime of up to 40 years
  • Clear-span design allows for maximum use of the space, great for agricultural storage
  • Steels superior design is ideal for livestock and agricultural storage providing a comfortable and safe environment
  • Steel is fire resistant and non combustible
  • Your building will be safe from mold, rotting and pests
  • Steel structures are 100% recyclable

All of these factors combined mean your steel agricultural storage building will be economical to maintain  thus lowering your operating costs. Because of it’s fire resistance, Insurance companies will provide better rates for high performing long lasting metal buildings.


Steel frame structures are built to be a long-term solution for your agricultural business needs.  The structural supports will provide the strength your buildinng needs for decades.

Factory Built

Using steel makes the construction process more productive.  The pre-engineered building is fabricated in the shop.  This means quality can be measured and tight construction tolerances will be used.  Using highly automated prcesses in the factory makes for very high quality.  Using 3D modelling the designers and engineers can work closely with the plant to ensure the steel frame construction stricly meets the specifications.  Using traditional building materials and doing erection at the construction site will always be a longer process.  Your steel agricultural storage building can be erected in less time than a traditional wood pole barn.

Studies indicate that steel construcion will typically cost 5% less than a concrete framing system.

Curbside Appeal

Steel products are slender and strong.  Working with structural steel lets the designer get more creative in design than with other construction materials. Sections can be bent to create a non-traditional and sleek look.  Using different shapes will make for an attrative building with curbside appeal.


Steel has a history rich with innovation.  Stronger and more innovative systems are continually being developed.  New standards like ASTM 1085 for hollow structurall sections are being developed.  Steel framing is verssatile and flexible.  Get a modern sleek with outside of the box curves and shapes. Both the material itself and the uses for steel construction are constantly evolving.

The steel industry also is ahead of the curve in terms of technology.  With systems and automation continually improving this market continues to be innovative in demonstrating the versatility of steel.


Future expansion in your plans?  Steel buildings are highly adaptable and can be modified.  Add on for expansion, to increase capacity or for new applications.  Add bays to expand horizontally or add additional floors to expand vertically..  Existing columns anc be strengthened by added steel plates to handle greater load capacity.

Maximum Strength

Steel has the greatest strenght to weight ratio of any building material.  This ratio measures the buildings ability to support it’s weight.  Thinking about steel historically, this product has proven it’s strenght, versatility and durability.  Aside from steel buildings the use of steel is wide ranging.  From automobiles, to trains, to airplanes, to bridges and skyscrapers.  These innovations would not have been possilbe without steel frames.  The foundation and main framework of any building made of structural steel provide enough support to the entire structure. Steel buildings don’t require additional pillars or beams to support the structure.


The use of structural steel buildings allows for the optimization of interior space.  Using a clear span design you will have column-free spaces alllowing maximum use of floor space.  When using columns a steel builidingn remains efficient through the use of slender columns, minimizing obstructions.  A steel column uses 75% less floor space than a concrete column.  Steel structures are capable of longer spans reducing the amount of interior columns required.  Ideal for so many applications,  steel provides for efficient use of space.  This is a great option for the construction sector who have large equipment that need to be protected from theft and the elements.


Steel is the most recyclable material on the planet.  Because the components are precisely cut and fabrcated using a highly automated process there is very little waste.

The choice is clear

For agriculture a steel building offers so much more value, strength and security than the alternative. Global Steel Buildings Canada offers a warranty that is second to none. Structural steel framing systems are the ideal choice for a farming building.   Looking to expand or upgrade your farm?  Steel is the only choice.  Call Global Steel Buildings Canada for your personalized quote today.

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