Steel Arena

Steel Arenas

Global Steel Buildings Canada can design a building to suit your purpose. Looking for a community space? A clear-span pre-engineered steel building is the ideal choice for an arena facility.

Built for Your Unique Needs

Global Steel Buildings Canada’s team of engineers will custom design and manufacture a pre-engineered steel building to fit your unique needs.  Creating custom shapes and sizes is easy. Our talented team will help you achieve the results quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of labor. Using a clear span design, you can easily expand in the future.  You will have 100% usable interior space unlike traditional steel, brick or wooden buildings.  Our team is with you throughout the process.  Questions? Just call our experts.  We directly represent the factory. This means we control all stages of the quoting, design and manufacturing process, including engineering. This ensures your building will last a lifetime. Engineer Certified Stamped Drawings are always provided as a part of your service package.

Benefits of the Global Steel Building Package

  • Your building can be designed with dual purposes in mind, using a mezzanine, you can have an event space above the functional arena space. We can also add in office areas to maximize the use of space.
  • Unlike traditional wood and siding buildings, steel will not rot, is not prone to insect infestations and mold and mildew. This functional material is 100% recyclable. Your project will produce minimal waste.
  • Keeping in mind that community spaces, like an arena, need to be energy efficient and able to keep the cold areas, cold and the office and mezzanine spaces warm, we offer a complete line of steel building insulation products to meet your building’s requirements.
  • Insulated metal panels are used to provide the most efficient building envelope and also gives a very clean interior and exterior appearance. Global Steel Buildings can be designed for 1 or 2 hour fire separation in exterior and interior walls or partitions.
  • Our buildings can be designed to use stucco, brick, stone and insulated metal panel facade’s to provide an upscale appearance for your arena or recreational centre.
  • A pre-engineered steel arena is easy and fast to erect and maintenance free. Steel buildings are a popular choice for arenas due to their low construction and maintenance costs.

Our quality steel buildings are a great choice for your new building.  Featuring simple construction, steel buildings kits can be manufactured in an average of of eight weeks once you have approved the engineered drawings.  Typical construction time is of course dependent on yourproject size, but can be typically built within two months.  This is 30 % faster construction time than buildings made of traditional brick or steel.  This cost effective solution is very popular in the building industry.

Steel building kits have always been a popular choice for recreational buildings because of their low construction and operational costs.  With low maintenance requirements,  many recreational applications due to their comparatively low construction cost and lower maintenance requirements.

The clear span interior in these types of steel building kits provides optimal space usage.  There are no obstructing support beams which is a must for arenas, ice-rinks, swimming pools and indoor riding arenas.  The Global Steel Buildings Canada recreational buildings have been designed for the specific needs of ice rinks, community centres, riding areans, gyms, indoor riding arenas , stadiums and indoor tennins courts.

Our metal buildings offer an ideal solution for recreational buildings and arenas where open space is a requirement.  Steel structures are durable, eco-friendly, and require little maintenance to stay performing at their top levels. They are able to be constructed quickly, allowing you to begin operating your facility quikly.  ness faster. Additionally, they provide a safe and comfortable indoor space.  Metal building consruction offers the ideal alternative for recreational building needs.

At Global Steel Buildings Canada you can be sure to be supported by our team of experts.  We are ready to listen to your needs, address any concerns you have.  With over 35 years of experience in modular building sales and installation, we will happily guide you through the process of purchasing, and erecting your steel building. Our history within this industry is strong.  You are guaranteed sold knowledge and insight into your unique needs.  Your project will meet the building codes of your specific location.

Take advantace of our experience and quality steel buildings.  Jim Busch brings 35 years experiendce to this industry and his team bring the same great experience and knowledge of the Canadian steel building market.

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