Algenol Biofuels has discovered the value of partnering with Global Steel Buildings Canada and President Jim Busch for their steel building needs. Algenol Biotech recently partnered with Global Steel Buildings Canada to deliver a steel building. Working with President Jim Busch they were able to source a steel building that met their needs. Global provides personal attention and excellence in customer service.

Benefits of Steel Buildings

For over 35 years our team have designed, built and delivered steel building projects. Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario we are ready to assist you with your building needs.  

The Global Canada package provides the most economical and long lasting prefab structure available in Canada. Our Canadian steel comes with a structural and perforation warranty that is second to none.

We directly represent the factory. This means we control all stages of the quoting, design and manufacturing process, including engineering. This ensures your building will last a lifetime. Engineer Certified Stamped Drawings are always provided as a part of your service package.

 Upon ordering, your project our warehouse prepares for shipment. The truck is cross checked for accuracy upon departure and again upon arrival. We meet the truck at the delivery site to ensure it has arrived safely and intact.  All components of your building are guaranteed. Any missing or imperfect components will be replaced.

Algenol Biotech

Algenol was founded in 2006. Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, this biotech commercializes algae technology. They use patented technology to produce ethanol and other fuels.
Algenol uses science and technology to convert algae into high purity commercial products. Algenol has 30,000 square foot research facility. This state-of-the-art research and development lab is dedicated to algae processing.
This is the third building provided by Global Steel Buildings Canada for Algenol.

About Algae

Algae may hold potential as a future food and fuel source. Algae covers many different organisms which are capable of producing oxygen through photosynthesis. Algae lacks roots, stems and leaves and is unicellular. Algae thrive in both fresh and saltwater and survives a range of temperatures. Algae is primarily aquatic but can also survive on land, for instance on tree trunks.
Algae is an important contributor to the environment as it generates oxygen. Algae bio fuels are a promising replacement for bio fuels. As proven by Alegnol Biotech it is also very useful for a wide range of products from food to beauty to industrial.

Benefits of Steel Buildings

  • Steel is the best material for commercial buildings. Steel is closely tied to economic health. Many experts look to the steel industry as a sign of the state of the economy. Pre-fabricated steel buildings are a great choice for this sector for many reasons. 
  •  Pre-fabricated, or pre-engineered buildings are economical to build. They provide a quicker return on investment. 
  •  For an environmental minded company this makes steel the ideal choice. Steel is the only construction material that is 100% recyclable.  Steel used in today’s construction is made using 88% of recycled material
  •  Steel is unique as it is a sustainable material. Once it is because once it fabricated is is reusable for ever. Because it is infinitely recycle the investment is never wasted. This is sustainability defined.
  •  Steel has a high scrap value and does not contribute to filling the landfill. Traditional construction material contribute to a great deal of waste.
  •  Steel is an aesthetically appealing material. Modern and sleek steel pairs well with glass and concrete finishes. Steel buildings can be designed using stucco, brick, stone and insulated metal panel facade’s to provide an upscale appearance.
  •  Steel is durable. It will not rot and is impermeable to insect infestation. It is fire resistant.
  •  Steel is an efficient material. The facility is low maintenance saving time and money.
  •  A pre-engineered metal building can be modified relatively easily. Need to expand your facility add-ons are not a problem. As your operation expands so can your building.
  •  By employing a clear-span design, a steel building can maximize the use of space. With no interior columns, a metal building can fit even the largest bio technical equipment. Mezzanine floors are available to facilitate maximum use of office or storage space.

Great Reasons to buy from Global

  • All of our quotes are firm and quoted in Canadian dollars
  • Most buildings are sourced in Canada with no borders to cross and no brokerage fees
  • Our customer service is based in Canada
  • We have qualified and certified building erector contractors across Canada
Our warranty is second to none. Global Steel Buildings Canada is the only choice for your project. Contact us for a no obligation consultation and quotation.