Algenol Biofuels has discovered the value of partnering with Global Steel Buildings Canada and President Jim Busch for their building needs. Working with Global Steel Buildings Canada means personal attention and excellence in customer service.  Our team have been designing, building and delivering steel buildings for over 30 years.  Our dedicated and knowledgeable team are located in Canada and ready to answer any and all of your questions.

Once your steel building has been ordered and prepared for delivery our team ensure that the truck is loaded with the correct components.  The truck is met at the delivery site to ensure it has arrived safely and intact.  After delivery, your building is guaranteed and any missing or imperfect components will be replaced.

Because our warranty is second to none, we are the only choice for your pre-engineered steel building project. Contact us for a no obligation consultation and quotation.

Founded in 2006, Algenol is a biotechnology company that is commercializing patented algae technology for the production of ethanol, nutraceuticals and other products.

Benefits of Steel Buildings

Pre-fabricated steel buildings are a great choice for this sector for many reasons.  Unlike traditional buildings erected using lumber, steel is not susceptible to rot or insect infestation.  Pre-fabricated, or pre-engineered buildings are economical to build and therefore provide a quicker return on investment.  This was an ideal choice for environmentally minded Algenol as steel is the only construction material that is 100% recyclable.  This is the third building provided by Global Steel Buildings Canada for Algenol.