Buffalo Rock Dairy in Didsbury, Alberta recently expanded their dairy operation by adding a steel farm building from Global Steel Buildings Canada.  The Ridder family own and operate Buffalo Rock Dairy and milk 130 purebred Holsteins.

They continually invest in their business and make improvements every few years.  They have added new manure handling methods, heifer barns, better maternity pens and a calf barn where the calves live in groups and are fed by an automatic feeding system.

Return on investment is a priority when considering expansion, making steel farm buildings the best choice for Buffalo Rock Dairy.  Why choose a pole barn for livestock storage when it will eventually rot away.  Because pre-engineered steel buildings can be erected quickly and with little waste, it is the best choice for return on investment.

Durable and Affordable

Steel is durable, easy to maintain and affordable.  Because we can integrate a clear span design our steel farm buildings make the best use of your space.  With no poles, clear span can accommodate the largest farm machinery.  Due to its nature, steel is not prone to insect infestation, rust, mildew or rot.  It will last a great deal longer than buildings made with traditional materials.

Steel buildings are built to withstand Canadian weather.  Able to tolerate the strongest winds, rains and severe winter storms , the Global Steel Buildings Canada package was the right choice for Buffalo Rock Dairy.  Located at the foothills of the Rockies, this holstein operation appreciates the 40 year warranty provided by Global Steel Buildings Canada.

Easily insulated, the environment inside the steel farm building is easily controlled to ensure the comfort of the animals inside.  The energy star rated panels help keep operational costs manageable.

Global Steel Buildings Canada directly represents the factory which means we control all aspects of the quoting design and manufacturing process.  Our factory carries a complete line of accessories making us a one stop shop.

Call the experts at Global Steel Buildings Canada for a no obligation quotation and consultation on your building needs.

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