Mr. Lube has partnered with Global Steel Buildings Canada to build new steel shops locations across Canada.  The first location was in Kingston, Ontario.  Customer experience is important as is prompt and dependable service. Both companies operate with this philosophy.
Founded in 1976 by Clifford Giese, the first Mr. Lube opened in Edmonton Alberta. Today they have grown from a quick lube operation to a full service automotive centre. The franchise continues to expand with over 180 locations across Canada like the Mr Lube Burlington, ON. Mr. Lube is the biggest quick lube brand in Canada providing oil changes and wiper blades among other products and services that Mr Lube deals.
Prefab metal is a great choice for a garage facility.  A metal garage is versatile and can be customized. It will outlast a building made out of traditional building materials. The commercial automotive maintenance business looks to Global Steel Buildings Canada.
Fast delivery and short build time makes pre-engineered steel garage buildings a practical choice. For a quick return on investment Global Steel Buildings Canada is the best choice.

Benefits of Steel  Shops

Because we offer a clear span design, the interior of your steel garage is column free.  This allows our buildings to accommodate a variety of layouts of your choosing.
Our spacious quality metal buildings are durable and non-combustible.  The material will not contribute to the spread of a fire.  For many reasons this results in reduced insurance costs.
Steel garage framing allows for versatility within your space.  It is easy to expand your building down the road as needed by adding components.
At 88 %, steel is the most recyclable material on the planet.  More than all other materials combined, steel is a great choice for the environment. Metal can be recycled continually because of it’s metallurgical qualities. There is no deterioration in strength or performance.
Steel  shops can withstand the harshest of weather. High winds and extreme weather events are no match for a quality steel building.
Unlike wood structures, steel shops do not need a great deal of maintenance. No need to repaint every few years reducing your ongoing preventative maintenance costs.
Save on monthly expenditures to control termite, mildew and rodent. Metal is immune to these threats. Steel shops will not rot or warp, you will have years of worry free performance.

Steel Buildings Canada

We quote your Global Steel Buildings Canada project in Canadian dollars.  Sourced in Canada, there are no brokerage fees, tariffs or borders to navigate.  Located in Richmond Hill, our customer service team is responsive. The Global team will work with you to customize the building, in either metric or imperial units, that will best meet your business needs. As a direct factory representative, we control all aspects of your project.  Rest assured that your building will arrive as expected.  All product will be inspected before being loaded and again upon delivery.
Global Steel Buildings Canada is a proud Canadian company. We have over 35 years experience in steel building sales.  Our team have handled selling and shipping over 1,500 steel buildings.  We have delivered steel buildings across Canada for many applications. No matter the business or use you are looking for Global has the package for you.
Over time Mr. Lube has evolved from a quick lube shop to providing full service automotive shop.   Now with over 180 locations across Canada they continue to expand. New locations are popping up like this most recent one in Kingston Ontario.  

Mr. Lube Foundation

In 2002 the Mr. Lube Foundation was created.  The foundation has raised over $4 million dollars for worthy charities across Canada.  Especially committed to children’s charities the foundation has raised over $1.1 million.  And to pay their respect to their founder Cliff Giese, the foundation is also committed to helping find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

Steel  Shops – Accessories

Global Steel Buildings Canada offer a complete line of accessories. Fully insulated sectional steel doors will help to reduce costs associated with heating and cooling.  Using energy star rated panels contributes to your building’s temperature control.  We use maximum sized windows in our design to make the most of natural light. This will also contribute to reduced energy costs.  Using the most advanced insulation system available keeps ongoing overhead low.  Our Accessories Department will finish your steel building with the correct doors, windows, vents. Our buildings are simple to raise and are maintenance free.
We can provide an upscale look to the exterior of your building. Using stucco, brick, stone and insulated metal panel facade’s will finish the exterior look. Furthermore mezzanine floors are available to make the best use of space. We provide the most cost effective and durable steel shops in Canada. Global Steel Buildings Canada understands that commercial steel buildings are investment properties. We can deliver a building that will provide a quick install and therefore a quick ROI.  A warranty that is second to none comes with our steel building package. The colour steel sheeting and trim is warranties for 40 years. We provide a 25 year rust perforation warranty on the steel roof sheeting. Stainless steel fasteners are warrantied for life.
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