Investment properties like commercial buildings need to have a short term ROI. They need to be up and ready to make money for you in as little time as possible and you don’t want them to cost you a lot of money to maintain. It’s also important these are flexible and buildings arising from steel construction need to be able to meet a variety of different business functions like:

• Warehousing /Storage. These steel buildings are designed with Canadian building codes in mind. The best will have Energy Star ratings so that you can save on heating bills while making sure all of your products are temperature regulated.
• Retail store. The construction process is much faster and easier than with other materials so you can get the products you have to market much quicker. These steel buildings often earn you LEEDS credits which are indispensable toward getting the certification.

Steel buildings used for commercial purposes come in a variety of different styles with a selection of different accessories that make for a complete structure. The pricing for simple structures can often be completed in as little as two days with more complicated steel building designs taking up to a week.