Commercial metal buildings offer low maintenance and high ROI. To ensure your building continues to look its best follow some easy maintenance tips.
Using prefab metal buildings for your commercial business is a great choice. You’ll be pleased with the quick return on investment and low maintenance costs. Commercial metal buildings afford fast turnaround construction time. Commercial metal buildings are a versatile choice for a variety of commercial uses. Costs associated with a pre-engineered metal building are lower than with traditional materials. There are always a few things you want to keep on top of to make sure your structure continues to look its best.  Metal buildings are built to last.  Commercial metal building maintenance is essential to maintaining value, longevity and curb appeal.

Commercial Metal Building Maintenance – Inspect!

You probably perform inspections as a course of business.  Don’t forget to add your commercial metal building maintenance to your inspection schedule.  Twice annual inspections will ensure that you are on top of routine maintenance. Document your inspection as you would with any other workplace inspections.  Record keeping is a good idea in the case any insurance claims or government inspection.
Preventative maintenance of your prefabricated steel building will keep repair costs in check. Maintenance will reduce possible downtime for repairs.

Inspection Checklist

  • Check the grade around your walls every so often
  • Ensure that any runoff is flowing away and not into the foundation itself
  • If you find there are any spots where water or any kind of other snow or runoff is pooling fill the area in
  • Check window seals to ensure they are tight and secure
  • Eaves and gutters should be checked and kept clear
  • Sand and dirt build up should be washed off with clean wither and a soft brush
  • Check all fasteners to ensure they are tight and showing no signs of corrosion
  • Prime and paint any chips
  • Replace or repair any dent or damaged panels
  • Lubricate hinges of any personnel doors and keep dirt and grit clear
  • Metal buildings have a long lifespan and keeping on top of these smaller items will help.

Repair Commercial Metal Building Damage

Prime and paint scratched panels should to prevent future corrosion. Moisture is a threat to a commercial metal building. Routinely ensure that snow is cleared from your building and water is not allowed to pool.  Interior leaks should be quickly repaired to prevent any mold or corrosion.  Metal is strong and has great longevity but like everything requires basic maintenance.  Choose the building and accessories that are appropriate to your local climate.  If snow load is an issue in your area take that into account when researching your building needs.  Heavy snow can strain your building panels and cause them to bend.
Check fasteners should to ensure they are tight and not corroded.  Corroded fasteners can compromise the weatherproofing of your pre-engineered metal building.
Insulation is important for keeping your heating and cooling costs in check.  Insulation should be on your inspection checklist.  Damaged insulation should be replaced. It can allow for moisture build up and potentially cause corrosion.

Maintenance Do’s

  • Take a walk around the perimeter of your building both inside and out
  • Remove snowload
  • Keep gutters free of debris
  • Inspect panels and prime and paint any scratches
  • Repair or replace any damaged panels
  • Check for water pooling or leaks
  • Clean the building annually with a pressure washer to remove any mould or dirt from the exterior
Practice regular maintenance and repair. It will ensure the longevity of your pre engineered steel building. Protect your investment and save energy and repair costs by being proactive.  
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