Pre-engineered Metal buildings

In Pre-engineered construction steel buildings are constructed with main frames, or rigid frames, as the main support structure with secondary, cold form c or z shape girts and purlins to support the exterior roof and wall metal cladding. Various other secondary steel components, such as bracing, flange braces, are also added to stiffen/ strengthen the structure.

Pre-engineered steel building, also known as pre-engineered metal buildings or engineered metal buildings, are designed based on the customer’s specific needs, building use, location. Design considerations for steel buildings include clear span distance, bay spacing, roof slope and orientation, collateral loads, local climatic loading, special deflection criteria requirements. Through detailed design and planning, pre-engineered steel buildings provide a much lighter overall building, up to 15-30% lighter, which results in a more economical building solution.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are economical and suitable for many applications. Pre-engineered steel buildings are used extensively in industry, agriculture, recreation, forestry, air hangars and commercial and retail construction. The use of pre-engineered steel reduces erection time and delivers better quality assurance under all weather conditions.

Uses for pre-engineered steel buildings:
• Commercial
• Riding arenas
• Power houses/stations
• Hangars
• Storage buildings
• Public service buildings; fire stations
• Recreation buildings; ice arenas
• Mini storage
• Office buildings
• Shop buildings
• Manufacturing buildings
• Mining buildings

Pre-engineered metal buildings vs conventional steel buildings

Conventional construction employs various materials like concrete, wood, masonry and steel that are constructed onsite.  With pre-engineered steel buildings pre-fabricated elements are used and are delivered to site.

Traditional Construction

Traditional construction is a step-by-step process. Following excavation and laying the foundation framing begins.  Each process must be completed so the construction schedule is dependent on each trade. Traditional construction averages six months to a year to complete.  It is more time consuming and costlier than pre-engineered steel construction.  Labour costs are higher with traditional construction and a great deal of construction waste is generated.  While you will have more flexibility with more complex designs but maintenance and operating costs are higher than wilth a pre-engineered steel building.  The foundation of a traditional building can weaken over the years.  .

Pre-engineered Steel Construction

The design of pre-engineered construction is quick and much more efficient than  traditional construction. Each component is fabricated and pre-drilled in the manufacturing plant and delivered to the site for assembly.  Pre-engineered steel buildings can be quickly erected onsite. The framing components are also pre-fabricated.  The foudation is determined based on weight. Because of these factors pre-engineered steel buildings have a quicker turnaround time.  Typical construction time is two months vs six to twelve months for traditional construction.  Being 100 % recyclable there is very little construction waste.  Pre-engineered construction cost and labour costs are lower than traditional builds.  Your building will have lower operational and minimal maintenance costs and will last for decades.  With this type of construction expansion is easy if required in the future.  Add on at the side or end wall  if more space is required.

Pre-engineered metal buildings are ideal for commercial and industrial construction projects.  A great option for industrial applications and agricultural buildings, the construction methods employed for pre-engineered steel buildings are efficient and cost effective. such as gas stations, self-storage facilities, recreational facilities, and office/shop projects.

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