Pre-engineered steel – a popular choice

Pre-engineered steel buildings have become a popular choice in both the residential and commercial sectors due in part to their durability, efficiency, lower construction cost and reduced labour cost and time.

The steel industry is seeing trends towards building green, becoming increasingly energy efficient and ensuring the structures are weatherproof.

Sustainable and recyclable

The construction industry has prioritized green sustainable technology. Steel buildings are energy efficient, recyclable and they reduce waste during the erection/construction process. Global Steel Buildings Canada can deliver buildings which utilize Energy Star rated panels to help regulate the building’s temperature and save on high electricity prices in peak months. By using maximum size windows the structure will utilize natural light. Our buildings can be designed to accept solar panels and will earn your multiple LEED credits towards certification.

Climate is a consideration when contemplating a new building. Steel is the strongest material for building and can withstand high winds. If you live in a colder climate, our design will take into account snow load on the roof panels. The Galvalume panels used by Global Steel Buildings Canada ensure the building can withstand high humidity, heat and rain.

Why Partner With Global Steel Buildings?

Global Steel Buildings Canada President Jim Busch and his team have over 25 years of experience delivering pre-engineered steel buildings across Canada and Internationally.
Our sales practices are ethical and transparent. We will not push you into an unrealistic timeline for buying and building.

Global Steel Buildings Canada is directly representing the factory meaning no middle man, we control all stages of quotation, design, manufacturing and delivery.  All of our projects include Canadian Engineered Stamped Drawings.
Our team is here to support you after delivery. Our relationship does not end at delivery our customer service representatives will work with you to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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