When you’ve invested in a fleet of collectible cars or even just have the one, metal garage kits are far superior to their wooden and brick counterparts. Sometimes the things that are unseen are just as important as the spacious environment these steel carports afford you. Here’s just a few of the things that aren’t always readily apparent with these products.

They are designed to keep all kinds of bad weather out. In fact you should look for the manufacturers that use self-drilling washers or a similar technology that prevents rain and runoff from getting inside to damage the paint on that ’67 Chevelle you’ve lovingly put back together from scratch.

Say you’re looking for something in the way of a steel structure that speaks to your sense of individuality and goes along with your choices in vehicles? That’s not a problem with metal garage kits since they can be designed to a variety of traditional and custom plans. Finally you should keep in mind that these steel buildings are mold and termite free since there’s no wood in the final product. All in all an excellent way to keep your collectible cars in the shape you’ve worked so hard to get them in.