Steel buildings have many advantages over the traditional wood pole barn

Agriculture is a key contributing sector to Canada’s economy. According to Industry Canada the net worth of the average farm is expected to rise to $2.8 million in 2017. With that kind of valuation, protecting your assets is essential. Upgrading or expanding your operation? Your best choice is a pre-engineered steel building for your farm.
The steel building is pre-engineered and manufactured at the factory. The components are then shipped and assembled on site. Pre-engineered steel structures are a great alternative to conventional structural steel buildings. At the factory the structural components are fabricated to the exact size needed.  A wood pole barn is built on site and may involve many trades.  
Pre-engineered buildings, (PEB), are comprised of a steel framing system. This system is combined with wall panels and a roofing system.  Insulate wall panels can R value insulation for year-round use.  The wall panels are Galvalume coated making them rust resistant.  

The complete pre-engineered building system is:

  • Airtight
  • Energy efficient
  • An optimized design of steel for a lighter weight building
  • Greatest temperature control
  • Rust and fire resistance
  • Protection against mold, mildew and insect infestation
Unlike a wood pole barn, our steel building is custom designed to be lightweight but very strong and durable. Pre-engineered building systems are excellent for use in clear span agricultural buildings. 
When you opt for a pre-engineered steel building, you have a building type that maximizes the use of space.  
  • The amount of space at your disposal is ideal for barns, stalls, lofts and storage.
  • Made to order, your pre-engineered steel building will meet your unique specifications.
  • Get the dimensions that meet your unique specifications.  
  • Fast turnaround – Fabrication takes a few weeks after approval of drawings.
  • This makes construction up to 30% faster than the construction of a wood pole barn.  
  • The foundation and anchor bolts are with finished and ready for the site bolting.
  • Reduce total construction time by using a pre-engineered steel building.
  • This also allows faster occupancy and earlier return on investment for farm owners. 

Systems Approach

These buildings offer savings in design, manufacturing and construction cost. Secondary members and panels can bundled for lower cost transportation to the site.
We design these versatile buildings for your specific needs.  With clear span design there are no interior columns. These buildings have clear space that allows for large interiors.  They are adaptable with other construction materials. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Future expansion is easy and affordable. Future expansion is easy. Add bays can at the endwall.  If more space is in your future needs this is the right choice.  
Built to last. Pre-engineered steel buildings will not rot, crack, warp or settle. Low maintenance means saving money on day-to-day operational costs.  They withstand ever the harshest weather, high winds and heavy snows.  
Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. Our buildings are all recyclable due to their steel structure. Their impact on the environment is much lower than other traditional building materials. There is no waste during the pre-engineering process. Once erected, there is very little unusable material that needs to go to the landfill. 
Pre-engineered steel farm buildings offer advantages over the traditional wood pole barn.
Pre-engineered Steel Building vs Wood Pole Barn
Pre-engineered Steel BuildingWood Pole BarnManufactured to very high standardsStandards are dependent on the builder, not industry standardsNo waste or secondsEnd cuts to deal with and dispose ofDesigned to withstand severe weatherSusceptible to severe weather conditions such as hurricane, tornado, etc.Not susceptible to decayWill decayWill not warpWill warpQuicker, easier and less expensive constructionLonger, more complicated and expensive constructionNon combustibleCombustibleClear span design to maximize spaceInterior posts and columns requiredHeavier gage sheeting used for roofing and sidingLighter gage sheeting typically usedFasteners will not rust because sheeting holds no moistureWood holds moisture causing fasteners to rust and require replacementWill last a lifetime20 year lifetime‘A’ fire rating‘C’ fire rating
Coated galvanized steel means steel buildings will outlast wooden pole buildings by decades.  They are more practical and convenient than buildings made from traditional materials. In agriculture and farming durability is important. A steel building is the go-to type of structure for farming.  Steel farm buildings are increasing in popularity because they are strong and durable.
Globally the demand for food will increase as the world’s population expands. A projected population expansion of 8.1 billion people by 2025 means an increase of 10% from 2017 to 2025. This creates excellent expansion opportunities for the agricultural and agri-food sectors in Canada.
This global population increase makes it even more critical to consider the environment. Pre-engineered steel farm buildings are THE best choice for the environment. They are 100% recyclable, there is no waste from construction.
The net income for 2017 for the agricultural sector is forecast at $13.8 billion. This makes this the 4th best year on record for this sector. Choose Global Steel for your expansion or replacement building needs. Annual savings on operational costs are a benefit of a pre-engineered steel building.
A pre-engineered building system can save as much as 30 percent of cost per square foot cost. Save money constructing your new building.
Automated construction of the pre-engineered steel building results in cost savings. Save time and money using pre-determined amounts of raw materials and preset dimensions. This savings are passed along to consumers.  Assembling and completing these structures in weeks, saves significant labour costs.
Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all local building codes. Pre-engineered metal buildings come with warranties for the lifetime of the structure.  The Global Steel package is the perfect solution for farm building owners.  The clear spans inside are great for housing livestock. Store even the largest agricultural equipment. Protect your investments and have peace of mind.  
Global Steel Buildings Canada offers a wide range of customization options. You can customize windows, doors, vents and skylights. Choose your insulation and the colour of your endwalls. You can have your steel building made to match other structures on your property.  Get an upscale appearance of the building exterior. Choose from many options and finishes.
Supplied by a single vendor, all building components and accessories are compatible. This is another of the major benefits of the pre-engineered building systems. Call Global Steel Buildings Canada today for your no obligation quote and consultation.