JB Racing Steel Storage Facility


If you are looking for a storage facility (warehousing) solution a steel building is the best choice in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness

Global Steel Buildings Canada delivers quality, durable, energy efficient steel buildings.  Our sales and manufacturing are all Canadian so we understand the unique challenges facing businesses in Canada in terms of environment, government regulations, geographic and logistical issues.

When exploring options to meet their storage (warehousing) needs, JB Racing sought out the expertise of Global Steel Buildings to design, fabricate and deliver a storage building measuring 40 feet by 80 feet by 12 feet.

JB Racing placed high value on the fact that a steel building offers superior climate control.  The spray insulation has a very high R value and is covered by a full liner panel on all walls.  An insulated steel building protects against rust, mold and mildew, increasing the life span of the vehicles stored inside.

Another important factor for JB Racing was the durable nature of the building delivered by Global Steel Buildings Canada.  It is rodent resistant, non-combustible and fire resistant making it inexpensive to insure.  Unlike wood or plastic alternatives, steel will not rot or crack over time.

JB Racing Steel Storage Building

The exterior was finished with full gutters and downspouts to offer further protection from the elements.  Steel has a very high strength to weight ratio and therefore is strong enough to withstand  extreme weather and high winds.  Access points include two roll up doors and one man door.

The steel building was finished with a barn red roof and caramel exterior panels giving it an attractive and professional looking exterior.

JB Racing's most valuable assets are it's unique and high performing vehicles which are stored securely inside their new home, the pre-engineered steel storage building delivered by Global Steel Buildings Canada.

Pre-engineered steel storage buildings are the low cost solution to your storage needs, offering a secure, flexible, multi-purpose facility.

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JB's most valuable assets