Pre-engineered (prefabricated) steel buildings are buildings which are tailor made according to the customer’s specifications in the factory and assembled on the job site.  The contractor designs and builds the structure which allows the building to be erected quickly.  Because pre-engineered steel (prefabricated) buildings can be erected economically and efficiently they offer very quick return on investment, a must in today’s competitive business environment.

Efficient and Innovative Construction

The construction process is efficient because while the foundation and floor slab are being laid, the structure is simultaneously being fabricated in the warehouse.  The custom fabricated columns and beams are shipped to the site and bolted together.   Global Steel Buildings Canada uses galvanized steel to ensure your building will be protected for years to come.

The use of pre-engineered steel building has innovated the construction process.  Steel is both lightweight and strong.  Steel was first used in building structures in the 1700’s in an effort to fireproof agricultural and textile mills.  During World War II the Quonset Hut became popular and was used as inexpensive storage.  The Quonset hut was produced in Quonset Point, Rhode Island.

Today steel buildings are used for every type of building application from residential to agricultural to community centre.  Pre-engineered steel construction is much more flexible than conventional construction.  It is innovative because it eliminates the need for an architect and does not depend on multiple trades for erection.  Construction time and costs are therefore significantly lower than that of traditional buildings.

To find out if pre-engineered steel is the right choice for your project contact Global Steel Buildings for a no obligation consultation and quotation.

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