RedeCan Pharma added a 40,000 square foot prefab steel building to their growing operation in 2019. The building, was delivered by Global Steel Buildings Canada.  This 100% Canadian owned and operated facility is keeping it local.  More than half of their staff live in Pelham and all come from the Niagara region.  The new steel building is in front of the green house operation. It’s addition will provide $150,000 locally to the Town of Pelham in development charges and fees.  
Because it is durable and built to last, steel is the best choice for office buildings.  The clear span design allows many options for office layout.  With no interior columns, you can maximize your operations.  Steel buildings are function and easy to maintain.  RedeCan is an ever expanding business. The simplicity of maintenance was a selling point for the steel building.   
Prefab steel buildings are affordable and easy to erect.  Steel is able to withstand harsh weather and strong winds. It will not be damaged by mold, vermin, termites or ants.  Metal is non- combustible and will not be affected by lightening or fire.  Steel framing allows for thicker insulation and will reduce heating and cooling costs.  


About RedeCan
RedeCan is a family owned business.  The Redekop family operated a family farm in Pelham, Ontario. Growing fruits and vegetables the farm became a ‘designated grower’ of medicinal cannabis in June 2014. With over 30 years agricultural experience, RedeCan is devoted to delivering quality. RedeCan is a union of the Redekop and the Montour and Hill families. They were recently licensed to commercially grown marijuana. RedeCan has made a significant investment in the community.  There are 279 licensed growers, processors and sellers across Canada with 121 located in Ontario.  RedeCan was the 14th grower to be licensed in Canada.  The Foss Road greenhouse is set to triple in size. This expansion will add 100 more employees to the 65 workers already there. An estimated $20 million in economic activity will benefit the area.
Stringent government regulations means a high level of security at the facility.  All staff must pass a federal government security check.  With 176 high definition cameras, building access is closely monitored. The facility is protected by a gated entry and barbed wire fencing.  Employees gain access through a two step identification protocol.  
All staff wear protective clothing and facility specific shoes within the prefab steel building . Clothing and shoes are not allowed to be worn outside of the facility. This high level protection is mandated by Health Canada. This minimizes if not eliminates the risk of contamination. Quality control is an important part of any kind of agricultural cultivation and cannabis is no exception.  
RedeCan grows it’s cannabis in a controlled environment. Automatic environmental controls are used to control temperature, humidity, sunlight levels and irrigation.    Strict policies on cleanliness, sanitary conditions and production practices are in place. This ensures consumer safety and product quality.
Plants are fed with clean, fresh water from a deep well, no pesticides are used
RedeCan is on tract to lead the medical and recreational cannabis markets.    
About Global Steel Buildings Canada
Global Steel Buildings Canada`s quality prefab steel buildings are durable and easily constructed.  Our team develop and manufacture affordable and efficient  prefab steel building solutions.  Whether you are building a small storage building or a complex commercial steel structure we have the solution you need.  Our experts will deliver your project on time and on budget.  Our knowledgeable Canadian customer service team are here to support your project.  
We want our customers to have the best possible experience working with our team.  Our engineering team are committed to delivering the the best quality steel building while saving you time and money Our team will take the time to pay attention to all the important details of your unique building project.  We will work to find the most economical and effective solution for you.  
We directly represent the factory. This means we control every aspect of quoting, design and manufacturing, including engineering.  Count on our expert engineering and customer service staff to deliver the highest quality prefab steel building. Our warranty is second to none.  
The true measure of any steel building company how the prefab steel building performs after the initial sale. Our team is dedicated to customer service and making your building project the satisfying experience it should be. We look forward to working with you to help you get what you need.
About Our Owner
Jim is the founder and owner of Global Steel Buildings. Jim has over 25 years experience marketing prefab steel buildings. Jim brings a wealth of knowledge to help your specific project needs. Having delivered over 1500 pre-engineered steel buildings across Canada. Jim has had the pleasure of working with diverse companies. Jim has also completed several international projects internationally.
Because he brings experience from diverse sectors, Jim will bring a unique insight to your project’s specific needs Jim is a hands on owner and oversees all aspects of the business. Global Steel Buildings Canada strives to exceed customer expectations.