Usable Space - Steel Garage

5000 Square Feet of Usable Space 50′ x 100′ x 16′

Get 5000 square feet of usable space with this “Clear Span” building which means there are no columns on the interior of the building which provides you with 5,000 sq. ft. of clear open space. This building is designed by Global Steel Buildings for the City of Calgary Alberta.

Building 50 x 100 x 16
Roof pitch 1:12
Building type Straight wall clear span
Building code NBC2015 & ABBC19
Wind 50 year 10.45 psf
Live load 21 psf
Roof snow load 20.48 psf
Framed openings (1) 14×14, (1) 3×7
Gutters & downs Included both sides
A clear span steel building design with 5000 square feet of usable space.
This steel building features a clear span design. It has (1) 14 x 14 framed opening for an overhead door and (1) 3 x 7 framed opening for a man door. It is ideal for personal, business, equipment storage or even a riding arena. Insulate your building for year round use. Add windows and extra doors with ease. Create a commercial/retail space or warehouse/shop.  This is a great option for businesses requiring a front end and a back end. Have a customer area or showroom with the production area out of site. 
Our Warranty Second To None
Our warranty that is second to none. We offer a 40 year warranty on the colour steel wall sheeting and trim. 25 year rust perforation warranty on the Galvalume steel roof sheeting. LIFETIME on the stainless steel fasteners.
Our 50 by 100 steel building is one of our most versatile and popular sizes. With 5,000 square feet of usable space. This building will make an efficient warehouse or arena. Customize your building to house a manufacturing facility, strip-mall or an agricultural building. Whatever the application a 50 x 100 foot metal building gives you alot of space to work with.  This steel building runs twice as long as its width.  Incorporate our clear span design and you get 100% of usable interior space.  House even the largest equipment and moreover goods with ease.  The 50 x 100 square foot steel buildling offers you the best value per square foot.
Choose the right components to make your usable space personalized and functional.  No charge options include colour selection for your walls and trim. Chose from a variety of attractive exterior and interior steel panel colours.  Choose to finish the exterior with stucco, brick or other traditional exteriors. Choose exterior options from our wide range of accessories.  Skylights, gutters, vents, overhead doors and oversized windows are all available.  One stop shopping  and a single source will simplify your building project, 
Metal buildings will not attract insects, termites, and other pests. We manufacture our building frames with only the highest quality steel.  Using maximum strength steel our buildings are durable and will last decades. Steel buildings need very little maintenance.  Metal buildings are a great choice for any application. They are fire resistant and able to withstand extreme climates. Easily maintained, metal buildings are a great choice for any application. The coated panels repel dirt and are easy to maintained.  
We offer high R value insulation packages to provide energy savings to your building.  Climate controlled interiors offers versatility building use. The Canadian climate is no match for our Steel Buildings.  Our designers are Canadian and live in Canada. we know what it takes to design a Commercial Steel Building for our climate conditions. 
Future expansion?  
Expanding or remodeling is simple and affordable.  Add on at either endwall. 
The Global Steel Buildings Canada Advantage
  • Designed to Canadian Building Codes
  • Traditional and custom designs available
  • We do not use wood in our buildings so they are mold and termite proof
  • Low maintenance and the best warranty available in Canada
  • Construction process is faster & easier than building with alternative materials
  • We use Energy Star rated panels to control your building’s temperature
  • Save on high electricity costs during peak periods
  • Make use of natural light with our oversized window
  • Reduce your electricity bill
  • We can use solar panels in our design to help save money and reduce hydro dependency
  • Earn many LEED credits towards LEED certification
Advantages of using a pre-engineered steel building for your next building project include:
Reduced construction time
Light weight
Clear span design
Flexibility of expansion
Low maintenance
Energy efficient
No construction waste
100% recyclable 
We fabricate your pre-engineered building in the plant and deliver the components to the site. Pre-cut and pre-drilled they are ready for assembly.  
We engineer each building is to meet local codes. Because of this building specials may differ from province to province.  The average manufacturing time is 8 weeks and typlical construction time is 2 months.  Steel buildings are 30% quicker to erect than a building using traditional materials.  Steel is the #1 recyled material in the world, an important factor for the environment.  
For your custom building call or request a free quote. Our designers will prepare your quote with a complete set of preliminary engineered drawings.  The team at Global Steel Buildings Canada offer competitive steel building prices.  Our team bring over 35 years experience. We will source the building package that will meet your unique specifications.  Whatever industry you are in, we have the knowledge and experience to mke your project a reality.
Note: Shipping is not included in price.