That’s the one word you hear more and more these days and the phase that most people who start looking at metal building kits are looking for.

Sure, whether you’re looking at aircraft hangers, agricultural steel buildings or boat storage that can include a variety of commercial or residential structures, you’ll have a budget that needs to be met. However, there’s more to these buildings that first meets the eye.

For example, the people who manufacture these buildings are professionals who are involved in every aspect of the process starting at the drafting stage. When you’re looking at contractors and manufacturers you need to be sure their team includes engineers and draftsmen that will present you with a complete set of drawings that will include:

• A comprehensive cover sheet that details design loads and a drawing index.
• Rigid frame elevations
• Column reactions.
• A host of other necessary and important references.

Understanding that low steel building prices are only the icing on the cake and that these steel structures need to adhere to every other requirement under Canadian building codes right from the start will make the process go smoothly.