In need of a steel shop to store and repair his equipment Kyle Banks turned to Global Steel Buildings Canada. Kyle started mowing lawns when he was a pre-teen in his hometown of Orangeville, Ontario. He grew the business that summer from five clients to the thriving enterprise it is today.

In 2008 University Pro Landscapers & Paving was officially established, and each year their lawn & garden care skills, landscaping and construction knowledge, equipment and clients, has grown in size and scope. UPLP now offers landscaping services, hardscape (retaining walls, water features, pools, spas, driveways, decks, etc.) and interior renovation services.

Kyle settled on a 70 x 90 x 20 pre-engineered steel shop. This was the right choice to meet his specific needs.  The new steel building features 4 overhead doors measuring 18 X 14 and 3 man-doors. The column-free or clear-span design can easily accommodate hoists and bays. Because a metal shop is fire resistant, insurance companies offer lower rates. Steel-framed structures have historically survived fire exposure extremely well.

When you think of a steel building often a garage or shed are top of mind. A steel building can be used for almost any application.  With many customization options to choose from the team at Global Steel Buildings Canada can help you source the building project that will meet your unique needs.

There are many benefits to choosing a steel shop for your business.

Durability: Steel is durable and can withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Hail, lightening and high winds are no match for a steel shop. A steel building is resilient will also weather the decades.

Easy to Maintain: A steel shop is low maintenance and after decades of performance they will show little sign of wear and tear. Replacing roofing shingles is not a concern and the exterior is easily cleaned and maintained.

Repairs are Inexpensive: Repairs are quick and easy. Cover any damaged section with a new piece of metal. If an entire section needs replacement it is fairly expensive to do so.

Affordability: A steel shop is much more affordable than a building made with other materials. Because of this property tax is usually lower as well.

Pest-proof: Your steel shop is safe from structural damage caused by insect infestation. Bugs cannot eat through steel but they can easily destroy a wood building.

Fire Resistance: Steel is not combustible, the interior contents will be protected from the risk of fire. University Pro Landscaping and Paving’s expensive equipment is protected from damage by the steel shop. You can have peace of mind knowing the contents and the building won’t be affected by fire.

A Steel Shop Offers Flexibility: A steel building can be used for any application. Doors, windows and accessories can be added to your custom designed building.

Simple and Quick to Erect: With few materials involved in manufacturing a steel shop the structure is easily erected. You will save time and money during the building process. A steel building can be erected much more efficiently than a building made with brick and mortar or wood. Your steel shop will arrive pre-cut to the correct length and width required and pre-drilled.

Energy Efficient: Global Steel Buildings Canada offers a complete line of steel building insulation products including complete systems to meet your building’s requirements. With proper insulation your steel shop will be energy efficient. If you use spray foam insulation you can seal leaks and spaces making heating and cooling more efficient.Our building designers will educate you regarding the methods and options to insulate our Steel Buildings:

  1. Energy Saver System – This is our high performance and most popular system. The insulation is not compressed and provides R28 Wall and R38 Roof, the insulation is custom cut to fit between structural members (rigid frame, purlins & girts). We offer an exclusive Eve Strut Insulation Kit that insulates an other wise “weak point” in a typical steel building.
  2. Faced Blanket – This is our standard system. The insulation is installed by wrapping it up the outside of the building and is held in place by screwing the sheeting down over the insulation. We offer the Eve Strut Insulation Kit for this system.
  3. Solar Guard – This product is used when you choose not to insulate the building. This product controls condensation and is only installed in the roof.
  4. Fire Walls – Global Steel Buildings can be designed for 1 or 2 hour fire separation in exterior and interior walls or partitions. Ask your building designer for specific details.
  5. Insulated Metal Panels – Insulated Metal Panels provide the most efficient building envelope and gives a very clean interior and exterior appearance The thickness begins at 3″ (R23), 4″ (R31) & 5″ (R38).

DIY Shop Kits – Fast, Simple Construction

Steel workshop kits give you an ideal space to start and complete any project. From woodworking and metalworking to repairs or installations, for business or for the hobbyist steel building kits offer affordability and versatility.  If hiring a contractor is not in your budget and steel kit may be a great option for your project.  High quality pre-engineered kits offer easy assembly for any skill level saving you on construction costs.

Construction is fast and simple and comes at a reasonable cost.  There isn’t a better material to construct your shop than steel.  Your shop can be erected over a weekend.

We offer the strength of steel and the knowledge that you are building with one of the world’s most environmentally friendly building materials. Steel shop buildings offer lower operating costs. You are able to conserve energy with low maintenance roofs and high value insulation. A steel building can help you conserve energy while reducing day-to-day expenses and maintenance costs.

There are many benefits to owning a steel shop. They are cost-effective and easy to build. Your business will find quick return on investment if you opt for a steel shop.  Our team brings over 35 years of experience in the modular building sector.  We provide ourselves on providing the highest quality steel structure, professional service and the full support of our sales and customer service team.  We can handle any project size and will find the ideal alternative for your growing business needs.  From basic structures to more complicated commercial use buildings our team looks forward to working with you on your building system project.

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